No help but delete everything

as soon as you write something, everything is immediately deleted! what is there support for? for 8 months my acc. to , and no one helps ??? is what should be fun to play

What are you talking about I might ask?

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my acc has been unjustly banned for at least 8 months… sent you everything and described it, this acc is as old as the game and was in the top 500… now don’t even write me back to help… I’m pissed off

Top 500? What does that mean? Like which was your strongest dino?

28 unique 15 epic 15 rare to 30 and boosted

Uhh that’s jwa… this is the jwtg forum


everything goes through lydia… all the same…

Well you should probably categorize this in the correct forum so the Alive members can get to you.