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No help from support

Support not helping at all. I’ve left 2 separate emails and have heard nothing.
When fighting the alpha my game freezes and I get no credit, this has happened 7 times. When trying to hatch dragons I click on the color and hit okay, it takes the eggs and the coin but nothing happens so I hit it again and 1 starts hatching so it takes 30 eggs and 3200 to hatch 1 dragon. This has happened probably 10 times now and I’m starting to get pissed off.

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Huh, I thought it was my device’s failure when the game froze on an Alpha once. Glad to add it to a confirmed list of Alpha problems.
As for the hatching - it seems like a server lag. I just close the hatchery and then open it back and it shows that the hatching has commenced.

If I may use this thread for my own question, which is also related to “no help from support”:

A couple of days ago I noticed that Lightfury’s 3-star training costs 2x the normal amount of scales. I double checked it with other 3-star trainings, and even Toothless’ 4-star training costs less, so it’s not some higher “exclusive dragon” cost. I hoped support would quickly clarify it, as I thought I’d just train the thing and ask for a 50% scale refund if it’s a bug, but… support is silent.
I know countless people have trained LF, probably maxed it already without batting an eye, and maybe I should’ve done so as well, but still - can anyone confirm that they’ve spent that much scales and have they tried contacting support about it?

Edit: Apparently can’t hide pictures under “details” tag.

Edit2: Checked wiki - Lightfury indeed has increased cost of training for all levels, except for 4-star, which, for whatever reason, is the same. 1-star is 5x more scales, 2-star is 50 scales vs the normal 20 scales… And here I wondered why did my scale count suddenly dip without me noticing. Even 5-star training costs an insane 10 3-star scales. Lightfury isn’t even a good dragon to begin with, was this some janitor’s idea of a “premium dragon” back when it was your game’s first salebait? Is it going to be ironed out? Because Toothless is probably in the top-3 purple dragons, next to the broken Shifty and actaully broken Murmurquill. Lightfury is tactically worse than Anveil, and technically weaker than even all 4-star blue dragons. And the upcoming Stormfly is basically making Lightfury look like a… again, a janitor-designer’s joke of a first-special-dragon.

Is it going to be addressed?

Uh, yeah, it seems to be a thing with the Light Fury’s training to cost way more scales than she should, and I have questioned that in another thread but other gamers feel like it’s normal… About her powers, well, I think she’s a good dragon to add in my collection but too elusive, you know.

Anyways, I don’t know if the imbalance of scale needs & powers is going to be addressed or not, but we all know support does not answer immediately.

P.S. What do you mean about “broken” Shifty and Murmurquill?

Wait a bit, they’re employees not robots. I’ve been there, with loads of issues in waiting and my nerves on edge but silence on their part. All I can say is be patient, they’ll answer eventually. Granted though, waiting time isn’t going to be joyful on your part.

Shifty is “figuratively” broken. It’s just a dragon without which you don’t play in the endgame. Meta, so to say.
Murmurquill still doesn’t have its ability fixed. It’s supposed to have a single target high damage+high lifesteal effect, which is totally okay, but in reality it works against the entire enemy team. Which means that it’s not only a team-wide single target grade damage, but also basically 1% to 100% healing. Probably one developer designed the dragon and wrote the tooltip, but was overworking too much and so instead of enterign the code for single target ability - he made it AoE.

It’s like the reverse of Nimble Nadder. Its tooltip used to suggest that it deals 185% damage over 3 turns to the entire enemy team. This is an insane amount of damage even by 5-star standard. That tooltip was fixed in the Clan update. But Murmurquill is still broken, probably because it’s easier to change a life of text than a line of code.

As for the Lightfury - I can manage leveling her just fine as well, though I wouldn’t level her to 5star. Simply not worth it.

So, to sum things up, you mean to say that Murmurquill was supposed to be focused on 1 target but is focusing on the entire enemy team instead, which causes it to not be able to heal more than 1%?

Also, what’s wrong with Shifty?

** What is AoE again? Sorry, I might have asked this before, but I have the memory of… well, whatever tends to forget things easy.

There is a thread about it, I don’t want to go into detail, but yes - it’s multi-target instead of single target and what I meant is that it can heal the dragon from zero to full. Most dragons with lifesteal can heal maybe 30% of their health tops, usually less, with one exception being Gritty Sawmaw, which has a legit AoE lifesteal, but it both deals less damage and has a reduced healing percentage.
In other words, if Murmurquill deals 700 damage per target, which is an understatement, then it heals for 70% of the damage per target. Which is at least about 500 per target. Against 5 dragons, which most of the time is another user’s team - it means over 2500 healed, and that’s basically all of Murmurquill’s HP. I fought Sawmaws before - they can heal about 75% of their health, but even they don’t heal zero to full.

AoE - Area of Effect

I see, so she’s insanely powerful then.

Uh, and about Shifty?

Wait a min! We’re fighting other people’s dragons, not the game’s dragons in fights? How is this possible, arenas aren’t open yet, and what about the very first players to enter the game?

They confirmed lightfury scale cost was accurate


Feather, I think this thread is getting too detracted.

Shifty’s ability locks out the entire enemy team. A team-wide ability lock. That works as intended. It’s the only dragon with this ability and most if not all endgame fights are impossible without it.

As for Murmurquill… what I meant was that most of the time… hell, ALL of the time it means that the person actually suffering from the bug is the player. Because Murmurquill is the enemy dragon. However, even if someone actually had a 5-star hybrid - it would still mean that this dragon would be the third-most-powerful purple dragon, simply because of its large damage and self-healing. Only Shifty and Toothless would be tactically better.
If, for whatever reason, the multi-target is intended, then the healing\damage percentages are too big. Scaling it down to at least Gritty Sawmaw’s levels would make it “sort of” reasonable.

But… since you’ve mentioned Arena - yes, in Arena most likely Murmurquill and Shifty would be some of the most unbalanced dragons.

Won’t say any more about it, especially because Talisax has technically given me the answer I needed.

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I see, got it. Also checked out the thread you shared earlier.

Uh, so, yeah, I saw that @Talisax indeed provided the answer you sought, which was also something I had questioned elsewhere (though my Light Fury is still a baby). Also, I, uh, think I would get into the trouble to fully train her, at least because she and T are endgame.

Okay, so that’s about it. Thanks for all the info, goodnight.

Not so happy to know she’ll cost even more, but, I guess, nothing can be done about it. She’s a legendary, and we’re still gonna want her, at least for the “stables”, heh.

Thanks for the confirmation. Goodnight.

The support did not help in this matter … and there are a lot of dragons do not increase strength, however much you give him the same dragon or another dragon … This is annoying … I hope you help me …


You mean their ability level doesn’t increase… That’s practically the case for all my dragons!!

I lost so much power dragons for this problems …

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I can imagine, I have the same problem with all my dragons.

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I just don’t know if there’s anything to be done about it.

Area of Effect… instead of single target. And are they ever going to fix the loading screen of death after an alpha fight? It becomes irritating losing a fight because you lose everything you accomplished.

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