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No HP Boost Strike

I don’t see a HP Boost Strike on my entire map. Does anyone have the same problem?

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Don’t see one either and green drop problem is back. Have 12 drops around me and all are orange…

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Sometimes it will appear later on in the day

I know, i was just wondering if anybody has the strike or if they forgot it entirely

ooo ok (10 characters)

Nowhere to be seen.
When it appears later it’s usually because of a topic like this :slight_smile:


I don’t see one. Nobody in any of the Discords I’m in can see a defense strike on their map, either.

@Ned can you tell us something about the missing tower?

Checked with my alliance and none of them see it. There goes the one week streak of not messing up the event calendar.

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Checking with our team! :mag:

Also no epic strike on map @Ned. Only both small strikes.

I find it very hard to believe a wonderful company like Ludia would ever disappoint it’s customer base.


@DemonDobie Always… because… well you know… Ludia :rofl:

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Epic strike is available. Haven’t seen boost one though

why was there an epic tower on tuesday though?

Honestly If it doesn’t show up I rather have the epic strike than the hp boost

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Apparently both are available, but extremely rare. See more than 20 small blue line strikes.

I don’t know I guess they changed when the epic incubator shows up this week

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Because Ludia