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No HP Boost Strike

I have the same problem, and I couldn’t find the one that occurred on Tuesday either.

ALWAYS because Ludia…

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I have been driving around and I haven’t found one single boost strike

I see one in my area

I’ve driven about 40 miles today to run errands and have not seen a single one

Thats weird

Like what @Dinotris said both are available but extremely rare

I found one but had to drive 20 minutes to find it…

the problem is its never gonna end…

Drove to South Side Savannah, Richmond Hill, Went to Bloomingdale, then South Pooler. I’m done for the day.
Do I just contact Customer support Ned? Even if it’s fixed I’m kinda done.


Found those two little hidden secrets after short walk.


I found one of each during 25 mile drive… and not only is the boost strike rare but it really felt like they made the hit box smaller on them. I was able to click on everything surrounding it multiple times cause I kept checking think my game had froze. It must have taken a dozen presses to finally get it to register. Luckily we were at a red light and I was the passenger.

Any answer? I can’t find one…

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@Santi13, team is looking into the distribution. Sadly, no new info for us at the moment . :sweat:

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Wow. I really wish I had read this thread and seen how far people had driven before going to look for this tower. I can tolerate many Ludia mistakes, but those requiring players to drive tens or hundreds of miles aimlessly wasting time and money are the worst. I was enjoying game this morning, now so close to uninstall.

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I found one on the outskirts of town. Would have been about a 45-minute walk from my house.

I drove for 45 minutes, through 3 different towns, never saw a health boost tower.

None here either. :frowning:

Nothing anywhere near me.
Drove about seven or eight miles out and still none.
So with a full lockdown still in place I’ll miss out yet again.


I went all around spinning supply drops. I saw every strike tower except health