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No HP Boost Strike

I take that the silence from Ludia means everything is working as intended and therefore those of us who cannot find it are short of luck?

According to support, they believe they implemented it correctly :joy: :joy: :joy:

Edit: Also, they hope we had a great day and enjoy playing :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


That just makes it easier for me not to spend money. Every week Ludia messes up the event schedule is another month without spending.

We’re on 4 months so far.


Same as the bayonyx strike a couple weeks back. I have 30 minutes worth of video driving through two counties and there isn’t a single boost tower.

Last time they told me we can’t control that. Well that’s a lie, you can. And again every single strike was here except that one. I also passed on a few epics in my video proof of showing that it’s not here.

They just ignored me last time and sent me the how did we do review. Which I put 1 star and said the service sucked. Again, have 30 minutes of driving video proving its non existing here.

I’m not sitting at home claiming that.

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I found only 1 out of like long time on a car ride like holy crap (finished it though)

Yeah couple people found them which is also pretty unfair. But when I drive for an hour and find nothing and have a video of 30 minutes driving with my wife wasting my time and passing on things I would dart…that’s not cool lol.

Ludia: Don’t worry we will have boost sales in the market soon.

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I found all 4 within half a mile radius of my home. Got my son to clear them all on our bus ride to send him to school.

You might as well not spend at all to be honest.

To be fair, they didn’t mess up the calendar. They just made 2 towers have the spawn rate.of Paras Lux.

Drove through half the city here and got nothing. Epic strike spawned on top of my house though so that’s ok.

Actually much, much less than para lux. While out driving yesterday, I drove within 35 meter(?) of 3 para lux. I saw 0 boost towers anywhere on the horizon.

Sure it were 3? :grinning:

Well, normally, I don’t watch my screen when driving but had to drive half an hour this morning so I did. Thank you Ludia, still no boost tower in sight. Now waiting for the reset to find out which one will be impossible to find AGAIN today. As far as I know, only two players got it in my alliance. Good job.

I saw plenty of hp boost strikes like a normal day so I don’t know what was the problem for you guys

Maybe it’s “regional” then? Our alliance members are pretty much all within 500km. So it would be more a dispersion problem? Hopefully this would give Ludia a clue on how to fix the problem! It’s not the first time it’s happening so it would be nice if they could figure out why it’s doing that regularly, for sure.

And another hour in the morning before reset wasted of my time that I can’t get back. Thanks ludia. Got nothing here.