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No humans in the park?


This game needs to add humans to visit your park talk with each other take photos of your dinos you could get new items and use the items to buy the stuffs in the park i made roads around all my Dinos i think it should be perfect roads for humans to walk or drive their cars and also you could ride helichopter to find more Dinos in other Islands and bring them to park also change the weather to rainy cloudly and night and day not only day something similar to Jurassic World Evolution


Jurassic Park Builder had the Explorers running around their roads. The roads in Jurassic World: the Game seem pointless; they’re dirt, and nothing traverses them. There should be at least an animation and preferably a point to them. I’m about to remove mine anyway since space is such a premium in the park where there’s not enough room for all the dinos (what gives, Ludia?)!


Well, I have never used roads. IDK if it’s because I’m a min-maxer, but even just building it is tedious. I guess it’s a cool cosmetic feature that can get people to RP being a park owner, but having people walk along the path feels moot, since the pens are so disproportionate to the scale of things.

If it’s a feature that won’t bloat the game or bog it down, I’m all for it. I’m just the kind of person that won’t use it, much like how I don’t do PvP battles.


I agree with @OstaposaurusBae, I too do not use roads except to fill space, like around my revenue towers:

I built my park for maximum generation of resources, if the roads added some sort of benefit or interesting game play I would redesign. Until then they are just space users in dead spaces where I can’t put something that would generate coins.


Well that is good point but whats the point roads in the game when there is no human walk or drive in car?


That is very good idea


Nice park btw will there any Indoraptor event in future?


I guess it was for the RP element. That or maybe Ludia at one point tried it, but might have possibly proved my theory where it bogged the game down, and so they removed/disabled it.

Maybe a good mix would be to have an option to enable it, so those who wish to use it, can.

As for the Indoraptor, I believe it’s only acquired through S-DNA, which you get from the side missions panel. Complete events or code 19s to get it, then once you have 4000 Raptor S-DNA, you fuse it with a lvl 40 Indominus Rex for a lvl 1 Indoraptor. Then every Indoraptor after that also costs S-DNA, so you can’t use regular DNA to purchase more.

That or you can just wait for it to come in a card pack for like $100 :stuck_out_tongue: IIRC about 2 or 3 weeks ago the card pack was available in the market.

Or… just bank off buying S-DNA card packs when they pop up in the market for a short time. Great way to boost S-DNA without breaking the bank.