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No hybrid Dinos

Are you annoyed with winning Dino’s in unlock events and buying more to get level 40s only to realize it has no hybrid. Well then, we can change that. Starting now, I propose that we refuse to Ave any no hybrid dinos in Jurassic World the game. Allosaurus, Gallimimmus, Ophiacodon, Corythosaurus, Quezalcoatlus, Pteranodon, Aerotitan are just some of the no hybrid dinos. We need more hybrids, so why don’t we have them?


I would also suggest that if there are not going to be hybrids associated with these Dino’s make them useful for something else, like once they are level 40 they contribute to the farming of S-DNA or DNA not just coin. Most of these dinosaurs become just coin generation based on the much better dinosaurs you get fairly quick right after you get them. @NATHAN_LEECH you can check before you decide to level them since in the feed screen of each dinosaur on the right hand side of your screen it will tell you if it has an associated hybrid. That way you can decide if you want to put the effort into the dino knowing if it will be a hybrid candidate.


i also have an idea with the allosaurus make a superhibryd with spinorator

Partly why I chose to ignore the quest requiring a level 40 Shunosaurus.

I know you can check but what I mean is I made lots of progress to get it unlocked or to get one after unlocking them, like for pteranodon and Scaphognathus.