No i will not buy fip for 100 usd!

I always but these but now locked up in a 100 usd thing… no way!

then don’t.
its not just fips. its a premium inc with 15K HC and 1000 exclusive epic dna.
$100 usd is a steal considering thats just the price of 15K HC alone.


Im sure im someone they really want to keep ive spent… much… and i can, thats not the issue, the issue is the combined feeling of many disapointments, 10-fuse, grinding, pvp… this mega-fip was one thing i really enjoyed, 20 usd is… a burger? an easy spend, no regrets, but 100 im thinking come on a ps5/xbx aaa title is 60… that gets u the hard work of houndreds of people, working years to make players entertained with a nice experience… in jwa u pay 100 for… actually some digits under your dinos that doesnt matter anyway due to the increased power of oponents you get every time you boost/level up…

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jwa actually is much cheaers than the deals in jwtg where basically everything costs money if you want something although you can play for free but it takes much longer. they didn’t get rid of that deal u have, its just not here right now

Shii!.. i sound like such an idiot sorry i hate the game super much but i also love the game, im sure there is some woodoo involved in the programming not just ones and zeros

Why on earth would you EVER spend $100.00 on a mobile game, especially for some exhaustable resources? Even if you can afford that, you know someone who’s struggling to pay a bill, go help them. You know a local children’s charity that needs help. You know someone somewhere that 100.00 can make a real difference to and their name isn’t Ludia.

I do that too, a lot, it balances out my bad concience for spending money on nothing. (So i can spend more on nothing hehe)