No Indoraptor incubator in store


So I just got enough bucks/cash to get an Indoraptor incubator - and it’s disappeared! Is this happening to anyone else? I’m sure there was more than 6 days left, and I hadn’t bought one previously!


It happen to me to I gathered the dollars for it as well ;/


It also happen to my brothers


It’s looking like they pulled it from the market due to the number of people getting burned by either not getting the correct DNA or having other issues during the opening sequence. Even the lineup for this week’s dinos is missing from the news tab, although it seems the event is still going on as it was listed.

I know you may be disappointed but this is kinda a good thing for you… not only were you gambling if you’d get the DNA you wanted, but also if you’d even get the correct DNA at all!


I didn’t mind what I got though - Indoraptor was always best case scenario!! Should I just go for the regular epic incubator then or wait for another I want?


That’s not really a question anyone else could answer but you. Only you know how best to spend your money in that regard :smile:


I bought the special incubator you want just 1 day before, when it left 6d 23h.
And I’ve got some DNA of Concavenator, Carnotaurus… along with other last week dinos.
No Indoraptor, no Blue, even without other dinos for this week.

So, you are just fortunately didn’t get into this trouble.:joy:

Ludia taken off that special showcase now, no one knows the reason.
Don’t spend your buck on normal epic incubator.


Fairs, I’m a bit annoyed even to miss carnotaurus or concavenator DNA but imma just try the regular one


I read posts where people were saying the last DNA awarded by the incubator (possibly for Indoraptor) would not show up properly and it was bugged so Ludia have probably pulled it for now until they can fix it.


I don’t want to use real money at all to get wow dinosaurs, it just make Ludia richer. This is just a game people, play it smart like you download it for FREE, no real money used. Don’t waste your money. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
your friend


You do realise if everyone does that the game will shut down?