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No leak this week?


So, no leak for the epic strike towers this week or? It will be harder to plan without knowing in advance x)

I wonder if we will have 3 lvl 30 again though.

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I‘m wondering too. ^^

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Some possible towers on metahub


With the towers being a rerun… its possible its the same as last tine they ran this event… dunno if they mix up the bosses any or not.


None of those really fit with this theme… not saying its impossible but i see this week as a rerun old strikes kinda week.

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Todays Tower will be Ouranosaurus and Concavinator. On the weekend we´ll have the Charlie, Echo, Delta, Blue one


There isn’t one scheduled for today I’m afraid. :wink: We will get one tomorrow though.


Even if you’re right, we’re still missing one ^^’






I hate the raptor squad with a vengeance but hope my team is now strong enough to take them - others look straighforward enough at my level - I look forward to some of the creative planning on here from those with “lesser” squads :slight_smile: some of the solutions are very creative and are obviously the result of a lot of planning - looking at you in particular @Pepito_Aie

Thanks to @Cronista


I definitely think your current lineup can obliterate the raptors.

I think you have a lvl 26 Diloracheirus? That can take out one raptor easily.

Suchotator should be able to take out at least one.

Trykosaurus can easily take out another, and you can also use the jumbo rat. :rat:


will be out today, you´ll see

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L27 now Raven - as you say should be easy enough as long as they don’t have a crit frenzy!

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Yeah. Back then I lost to them on the first time they were introduced because Charlie oneshot I-Rex with the Critical Impact, but could win the retry (that time they were lvl 21-23).i think my lineup was I-Rex, Stegodeus, Monomimus and… I don’t remember, Gigaspikasaurus maybe?

Second time (when they were lvl 24-26) I used Blue, Stegodeus, Touramoloch and I think Dracorex Gen 2 was the backup plan. Was an easy win.

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Yeah, I was thinking a stegodeus, monostego, or any bleeder. I always have my indominus left for last incase anything goes wrong.

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I think I will go Tenontorex, Touramoloch and Diorajasaurus this time, just in case they try to swap, as apparently 4 of them will be there. I might throw in Proceratomimus, just in-case.

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Hopefully delta/echo doesnt cleanse the bleed.


I wonder if the AI will actually have 4 or whether it will have 3 picked from 4? The ID and screenshot would seem to indicate the latter but who knows!? Also will be get it Saturday or Sunday :rofl:


The Draco users will win this easy-peasy

Or so we thought.

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Sounds like a good plan. Gigaspikasaurus would be a good idea, since Delta might try to swap and Blue isn’t showing, but there is a Blue picture error text. You really don’t want Delta to be able to “make extra hp” by switching to Echo or Blue.

Cause usually they start with either Charlie or Blue, then Delta, then Blue or Charlie once again. Delta is always trying to run on turn 2.

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