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No leak this week?

Yeah, I’ve kept my giga in my deck.
Looks like he has a chance in the spotlight :slightly_smiling_face:

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So a stegodeus to start should work well.

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Echo will definitely go Cleansing on turn one, since Charlie consistently starts with Critical Impact and Blue 80% of the times starts with Short Defense over Pounce.

So if you can survive the impact, Suchotator would be able to bleed it. However Spinachsuchus is faster (129 speed vs 128) so you don’t want to try to bleed with that.

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I dont quite have spinotasuchus yet…
My sucho is in fact level 15, and I dont wanna spend forever fusing…

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Time to use sucho

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So when is the strike?
Cant wait to have a chance to win against 4 level 30s!

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My guess is that they will go Blue/Charlie, Charlie/Blue and Delta, Delta will try to run into Echo.

Delta is usually 2nd or 3rd in-line, but I think they will make sure it is 3rd, so you have to make sure it’s dead before it can Impact and Run into Echo.

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So it looks like Delta is the biggest problem?
That impact and run will go wrong for us.
Or Echo to stop the bleeds, or just keep them off for 1 turn?

Just realized I made a million edits.

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I’d say Delta is the nasty one, since he will try to switch into a full health lvl 30 monster and you really don’t want that to happen.

I’ve never seen Delta being the starter, so I guess first will be a non-runner, a Stegodeus, Monostegotops or something like that should work there.

Now it depends if Delta is 2nd or 3rd, but you want Gigaspikasaurus to lock it down when she shows up. We will see what the order is.

Blue can be easily bled to death, if she goes her usual Short Defense into Pounce into Strike. If your Suchotator is low level might be a good idea to SIA Dracorex Gen 2 or Dracoce-RAT-OP-s into the vanilla strike.

Or alternatively, go for Alankylosaurus, so you can survive while Blue bleeds dry.

I think Tenontorex could be useful with her SS and DSR.


what if its 4 raptors? like the datamine suggests

That’s why I would say, a good tactic would be either one of these, or a combination of both.

Lower level:
Stegodeus, Gigaspikasaurus, Suchotator, Dracoce-RAT-OP-s or Alankylosaurus

Higer level / alternative tactic:
Tenontorex, Touramoloch, Diorajasaurus, Proceratomimus

I am pretty sure there are other ones as well but that is what I am thinking.

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How could Dioraja be useful? She can be distracted, is always slower and poor dmg? :slight_smile:

yeah dioraj might waste a spot for you. not much damage output and you would have to be fortunate enough to use the moves at the correct time.

maybe if it had instant distrct.

The idea is to use Touramoloch superiority strike into impact and run, so it has the Swap-in Ferocity, what kills when it tries to run.

Then Blue will use shielding strike, you shatter it with the counter, and pin it down.

Then you use instant Invincibility to whittle it down even more and tank the Pounce.

I haven’t crunched the numbers yet, but I think it is able to use either pinning or Distracting again. It definitely survived 3 hits in the lvl 30 Blue, Stygimoloch and Indoraptor strike and was the only reason I won that.


How is that even possible that Ludia wants us to kill 4 dinos when in a normal battle arena fights we have to defeat 3 dinos to win?

We’re assuming it either picks 3 from the 4 and you have to kill them OR it picks all 4 and you have to kill 3 as per any normal arena battle.


“Not much damage output”

2000+ after using a running move to tag it in… That is the definition of some good damage. It also shatters Blue’s defense while being a tank itself.

Also, if you need proof, how much damage Dio can deal… I have been eating up same level Trykosaurus users with it.

It definitely is a niche dino, and thrives on setup, but it’s actually pretty decent. Just because it misses like 200/300 HP and maybe +50-100 damage doesn’t make it garbage.

Edit: Okay, the first Trykosaurus is one level lower but it also crit on almost every attack


no need for proof. i have a lvl 24 dioraj

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