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No leak this week?

To be fair, there is an entire can of worms of balance issue that Trykosaurus, Thoradolosaurus and Tenotororex are causing with them being a tier faster than their class (Tyrant class theropod / Rex family / chompers) would dictate.

So I am up for buffing stuff that are struggling because of that three, really. I am just not sure how Ludia would feel about Dio having 3 passives, and I don’t want to lose the Defense shattering counter.

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rajakylosaurus might be a better option for this raptor strike

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pinning strike
long protection
distracting impact
extended crit strike

swap in shield

Is it dinoist to say those raptors all look the same?

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I don’t see problem to have lots of passive if the goal is to balance the game.
And btw,i found ONE solution for balancing these 3:
Creating a new red shield which is a “trap” : Chungkingosaurus
I got the idea to creat a new dinosaurs but lets face it,some others will need it:the shattering skills are too efficients and cant be punished
and for the RNG lovers :(evade ,crit) which should be an option is directly a must and you cant face it:
Whats about a counter to RNG?

Not a fan of that. I like instant invincibility on it, and swap-in shield + long protection is pretty overkill.

Pinning Strike
Extended Crit Strike
Distracting Impact
Instant Invincibility

Swap in shield

I can get behind that. Or even Sia invincibility, then short defense, instead of instant invincibility.

I think Long Protection should be left to Rajakylosaurus, so Dio isn’t a direct upgrade to its predecessor, so they can fulfill different niches.

I like that skill idea for the Big Chungus dinosaur.

I think this is exactly what the meta need.
Actually tanks are out and we just see bleeder,swaper,immune and shattering creatures.
Raptor,sauropods,tanks and some more are just out so now we just have 20 creat max to play with.
This game need a kind of rock paper scissor .

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Agreed. We need more viable non-hybrids. Raptors, non-hybrid tanks, non-hybrid chompers and most counter attackers need a little bit of extra something.

its a unique. it should be better then the lesser so i dont agree there. direct upgrade or not. if they go toe to toe, dioraj should be able to beat it. not a fan of istant invisible because its very predictable so long protect with a little damage and 4 turns of protection would be pretty sweet. no need to touch its hp then. i just think since it gets locked down with no cleanse, it should be able to protect itself. upgrade to this kit and leave the hp and dmg alone. that would be my dream dioraj.

There is a difference between being slightly better and genociding out the predecessors, because it is not only better at doing at what the others do, but also being able to beat them.

You can have either of those not both. That is why looking at them in a vacuum the Sino hybrid pairs are really well balanced.

Utahsinraptor can beat Utarinex but Rinex is better and more versatile overall
Thoradolosaurus can beat Allosinosaurus, but Allosinosaurus is a light tank, while Thor is full glass.

Thor can swip out 3 member in a row, he is clearly overpower and have nothing to deal against him.
Either he need a HUGE nerf,either more counters which are not op.
Oh and btw,utahsino is overpower aswell!
Why is it more useful than utahrinex?He need HP nerf…at least raptors should take him of.
Oh and i have to point a skill which is too strong and unpunished (except by the OP draco …sight)
the instant stun…
So,you have priority,deal GOOD amount of dmg and stun enemy??
this skill need aswell either a nerf,either something to rewerse this skill !

utahsino shouldnt beat rinex. never understood that. direct upgrade would change that. then you create other dinos to fill utahsins niche or not. jmo

Except if you take even the smallest amount of damage you risk the opponent swapping in their rat and finish off your Utah before he can give a second hit

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diloran vs diloracherius. direct upgrade and both can inflict serious dmg unto each other but dilorach can win.

I well know this strategy,i abuse it because the meta give no choice…
But instant charge need either a nerf,either a MIRROR situation!(kind of a steal ability which reverse the instant stun)
The shattering skills need a clear counter (reverse dmg,so the opponent have to play a mind game instead of rushing dmg)
Utahsino need slight hp nerf
Theres a HUGE need of a counterplay of RNG (evade,Crit)
And of course,the SISDR need a counter (I though about sauropods which can know when opponents switch to draco,tell you and give you a popup!
then sauropods come to face draco and divide his dmg by 4!they have the biggest hp and have no use for moment!)

Except for the swap in, most of those already have counters like nullify, reduce damage…
Utah is not that overpowered, really useful kit, but definitely does not need an hp buff.
New abilities like disable crit chance or a heal per hit would be cool though

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Agree to disagree there, then.

utahsino is strong true but as a legendary you never know when they will slightly nerf her (more likely than utarinex)

thor I face thor almost every match and I agree she is really strong but not OP. yeah when the 40% crits she is a monster but still you can distract her and boom not that hard hitter anymore

for a legendary,i find him just too strong!
and since ludia give him speed control,i think he is stronger than utahrinex.
Disabling crit is not enought useful!in the past,this skill was created and it has no use!
I think you need something which put the crit against his opponent!