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No legendary no where


So this morning I waited for the strike event to end for the epics and go into the legendaries it was about an hour and a half away from you setting into the legendaries I decided to go to sleep until 8 I woke up try to get on the game and my map says there are no supply drops that are green icon colored anywhere in my surrounding area is this supposed to be like this or is something wrong very very wrong


Same here. No green supply drop, not a single tower no epic strike tower in my area and km around me!

Ludia u serious??! Ur making me use the car cuz the towers are located in areas I can‘t reach per walking!


got a pyrritator at my house - got 242 :slight_smile:


Well during 9-10am est, there is nothing yet, since thats the set up time for the day’s events and stuff. So once it hits 10am est, u should start seeing them

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