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No legendary pack deal for Tommus?

Just wondering if anyone else had noticed that there is no 2 for 1 legendary pack for Tommus this week? There have been for the past 3 or so heroes… I am a VIP subscriber (for now anyway). Is this a bug or is there really no legendary deal on?

There isn’t always a 2-for-1 Legendary pack offer. It seems to come once every two weeks.

Ok just that I’ve noticed it every time for the last few heroes… Shevarith twice, Halbenet & Saarvin, 2 of which I’ve taken advantage of.

Previous Legendary 2 for 1 since update have all been VIP only. Worth to reiterate this since I’m F2P I’ll never get the legendary two for one chest.

Disgraceful anti-hobbit prejudice.

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