No level gap


I’m not gonna lie I’m not thrilled about the battle areana, I went from going against someone the same level as me(the highest is 2) and then going against a level 12! There’s no gap and it’s highly irritating


I agree with you on that. I have been getting a lot of low leveled players and it seems quite unfair. Some balance changes need to be made. When I started I also had high leveled opponents but I am assuming that maybe those are Pay to Win users but regardless there need to be adjusted.


I met some players at level 4 arena who has only lvl 6 dinos. I’m beginning to wonder did they just throw me up against someone from a lower arena?


I’m sorry to hear that but it’s going to happen because the way the game is played. Both my friend, who I introduced to the game and I waited to get level 10 Dino’s before going into the arena. Are we supposed to only get matched up against each other? No they put us against people like you with low level stuff. My suggestion is upgrade your Dino’s and rank up. It gets more balanced as you get to arenas 4 and 5. I also recommend doing what I did for easy dna crates, take a day or 2 break from arena while you get better then go wreck others who are too anxious to play the long game


I haven’t had that problem since 3, maybe you play during times where there’s not as much traffic through the game


So you and your friends self smurfed and overbuilt your Dino’s before playing any arena. I’m sure you leveled up to arena 4 pretty quickly and annoyed other players but in the meantime need you probably slowed your overall process and cut out half of the game for that time.


No we were smart,went out and played the game which is collect dinosaurs. Arena is just a feature they add to appeal to the masses. I employed the strategy, and you’re being a :baby: about it. Just like people who say vrap is op, go find I dino with armor of a speed decrease attack. I’m tired of people whining about this “broke game” when in reality they’re just too lazy to do anything different. There are some real issues with the game don’t get me wrong but arena is not even in the top things they should be working on.


No. You stunted your advancement as you delayed getting the bonuses you get when you level to a new arena.