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No Local 4 In My Town! Huge Disadvantage!

As a lot of people know, there are four different spawn zones in the game called locals. They are as follows:

My town is pretty small, 18k people, surrounding by cornfields, it only takes a couple minutes to go from one end to the other. Most of it is Local 2. Surrounding towns are too far away to travel to on a daily basis without wasting a considerable amount of gas and money and putting wear and tear on my ten year old car.

I have scoured the entire town and the outskirts for a Local 4 because I greatly need Para, Anky and Raja.

There is NO Local 4 here.

As a result, I cannot make a decent secondary tank, and my team is greatly disadvantaged in the arena. How is this fair that I pretty much have zero access to these dinos?

You wanna know just how ridiculous this is? I will be finished with Indoraptor before I’m finished with Tragod.

So Ludia, either do a REAL migration or help a guy out and put some Local 4 spawns in my town.


We desperately need a REAL zone cycling …

I don’t think adding more gen 2 dimetrodons counts as a “migration” :thinking:


110% agree with you, Hersh. The “migration” that was done was weak as heck. We really need some changes.

Let’s imagine how large disadvantage a L3 player might be.:smiley:
No Dimetro, No Ourano, no Ankylo & Raja, no Sinocera.

Just like me.:smiley:


Yes, they even transfer Numda, Einio and Majunda into park, so Dimetro Gen2 & Monolopho Gen2 could be added into global spawn.
Haha… interesting.
Some strong rare hybrid (Einia) replaced by weakest legendary.

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If Einia was still easy to make, I’d probably overlevel mine like crazy and use that on my team in place of Tragod/Ankyntrosaurus (until I can make them, i.e. never), but I can’t even do that now.

By the way, I love your name and profile pic. I love Tarbo, it’s so underrated.

We need zone balancing before we do a full cycling. I live in a z1 and right next to a 3… i also work in a z1… the fact that i could one day live and work in a z3 is a nightmare…

They need to fix zone balance tomorrow… no zone should be as bad as a 3…

Zone 4 is a problem zone for me too… i can atleast hit one a cpl times a week by going two and from work on a back road… i got lucky today and got 370 para dna from an 8 hour incubator and finally finished my tragod… but i could level him once or twice if i had more para dna…

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I totally agree with you on the zone balancing.

As for Para, It took me up until a few days ago just to level mine to 15. I got lucky and snagged a couple hundred Para DNA from a few arena incubators. Other than that, every once in a while (like once or twice a month) a Para will pop up at a bank (its nest) in town.

It’s so frustrating to be hard stuck in the arena because I don’t have anything to properly fill that secondary tank role. Meanwhile, almost every opponent I face has a Tragod, an Ankyntrosaurus or both. A Rajakylosaurus would be a huge boost to my team too.

Honestly it would not be that difficult to say once a month switch what dinos show up in each zone. Like… literally just cycle them to the next zone over each month so each group of dinos eventually hit each zone. You could leave globals and park dinos alone, but the local ones need to cycle and migrate every x amount of time.


Really like this idea a lot! The variety would be great.

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I agree… but zone 3 still needs some love, just cycling them doesnt fix l3 issues. Like Im waiting on both mono and gorgosourus dna for fuses…and I still dont want to live in a l3… even an iguanadon unique doesnt completely fix it.

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Yes but with what I’m suggesting…every month or whatever amount of time…say zone 1 dinos would ALL move to zone 2, and 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 1. Then the next month it would happen again so each group of dinos would move through each zone, this way each zone would eventually get all but the park dinos which are typically easy enough to locate by going to any park.


If every Dino becomes hybrid ingredients eventually there are no pointless Dinos. Ludia need to avoid making 3 hybrids from one Dino while others have no use.

Id still shrink the zones as well as Rotate. Half mile squares so buzy streets would have different zones as you went down them.


I know what your saying… and like i said it needs to happen as well… but if they migrate zones… whatever group gets zone 3 for the most part wont be happy… for me a local zone 3 is really close by and even though i need stuff from it i avoid it… their is just to many bad spawns…like their is literally like 3 maybe 4 if you really consider erlik a good spawn… and the rest of it is bad. Its also the only zone that has no useable commons.

Rather then sticking one group in a bad zone every month… make it so there is no bad zones… and still migrate them every month.

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While I agree that full zone rotations should occur regularly, or at least massive swaps of what spawns where, I’m not sure once a month is the answer either. I’d be in favor of something more along the lines of every 3-4 months for balance. It would give people a chance to get fresh zones regularly without it being chaotic and switching all the time.

Also, I’d definitely be against shrinking the zones to a half square mile or so. Not everyone (myself included) lives in an area where there even are ‘busy streets’. Its hard enough as it is some days to go out and get anything decent knowing where the zone lines roughly are near me, and would be a huge advantage to those who live in or near big cities where public transportation or even just having a large area to walk around is viable.

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Just an update on how ridiculous this situation is:

Ludia, please give me a Local 4!

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I have a 19 Einiasuchus because the ingredients used to literally be on every street corner. Now I barely see them. I can even level it up to a 20 if I want to. I’m hoping for a hybrid haha.

This is very interesting and does correlate to my area as well. Most of my very small town is L2, but there is a very small L1 area south and a very small L3 north (both so small that it’s barely worth hunting there).

Unfortunately, the L4s (which I know where they are) are just too far out of town to go to on a daily basis. The L4 to the west starts out in the country, just before the town west of me, which is a half hour+ away. I can’t justify traveling there on the busy highway, wasting gas and putting wear and tear on my car.

Frankly, I don’t think I should have to leave town at all to play this game to its fullest potential. I don’t think anyone should have to. Every player should have access to every zone.

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They helped everyone by changing the green event drops to be dotted all over randomly. Maybe we can get them to rotate the local zones for the same people who live out in the sticks. I’m about to hit 55K Lythronax DNA living and working in L1. I could level the thing to 22 if I wanted.

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3~4 months is too long IMO.

Pokemon GO make nest spawn switched per 2 weeks.
Nest is their main way for grind specific pokemon. In JWA, i think nest itself not so much effective, and didn’t need to exchange nest spawn, because all nest combined with relative buildings.

In JWA, I think 1 month is the maximum time span I could accept for local group switch.
And it’s 3 months passed away after ver.1.3 update now, which was the last massive spawn mechanism rebalanced.

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