No longer in top grossing on the app store

So, care to fix the game now? Youll make more that way if the game were healthy, which it isn’t right now.


Between being ratted, pitted against stronger teams, high ranks not finding matches, region specific events, and no response from ludia. I’m not surprised tbh and it makes me legit sad atm.


The game should be as Fortnite.

Fortnite does EVERYTHING right.

The battlepass cost 950 game-money, but you will get 1400 game-money while getting up to level 100.

This means you gertting next season battlepass for free.

But they know everyone spend all money on new cosmetic.

And the game have a narrative, famous players, a whole community and great storytelling.


I’ve often felt that one thing JWA is missing a narrative storytelling element. Nothing too fancy mind. JW:tG and Jurassic Park Builder both utilize the movie characters for missions/objectives with a basic storytelling element behind it. I’d love for that to be a thing in JWA. Get out there looking for specific DNA in the wild because Henry Wu or Zia Rodriguez needs it or complete so many friendly battles for Hoskins… etc.


You are 100% right, technically that is missing in the game.

They should also add to the Jurassic Park icons, I would love to be able to add the Big One and the Spino with steroids to my dinosaurs.

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I want Rexy as well as a Unique or Legendary Tyrannosaurus in the game.

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Did you know that spino jp3 is that strong because of the amalgam improvements?

imagine that we can clone Rexy with amalgam, we will need DNA from both tyrannosaurus in the game and an item `` Frog DNA ‘’ and boooom, you get rexy with the epic Rex skills plus the following: instant rampage, damage reduction 90% and counterattack 0.5 !!!

spino would need spino, bary and sucho DNA plus one item, amalgam tests, it would have Exploit Wound, takedown, regeneration and the exchange ability of suchomimus.

so on, The Big One, dna of 3 raptors and an item like `` robert muldoon’s diary ‘’.

These items will not be lost when we believe them, but they will be our prizes for some achievement or event, each one could give us information about the history of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World !!!

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