(No longer) Looking for a new Alliance 18.11.21

Hi there, I’m looking for a new alliance after a recent merger. I am still involved but given the nature of how the merger was done I have no wish to remain involved.
I’v been with JWA since its launch day and still love the game very much. If you are looking for somebody who turns up every day, battles, darts, you name it. I’m committed.

If your looking for someone who is always active on discord and posting, I do use it but I’ll be first to admit I’m not always active as other members on there as I manage my work/life.

My alliance would very much love to have you! We’re called Long Neck Challenge and we get Rank 8 Defence and Rank 9 Exploration incubators minimally every week, as well as Tier 6 in tournaments.

We do require Discord activity for our members - but mainly for coordinating raids (it’s hard to discuss raid strategies without it). Noted that you say you’re not as active on it - how active would that be?

Hi all. Many thanks for your invitations both public and privately. I have accepted to join a new alliance. Happy hunting and thanks again

OP found Alliance