No loyalty points for tournament

Ok I’m kind of grateful it was a glitch for everyone because I thought they might not believe my support ticket since I didn’t react in time to get a screenshot

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This isn’t good,image

I got my compensation, but my son did not. At the time, I had not turned in a ticket for either of us

@Keith, @Daven, @Ned, anyone from Ludia care to weigh in on if you want a flood of support tickets for this?

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Hello everyone.
We apologize for the situation.

Earlier today, we’ve sent an in-game mail containing Loyalty Points to those who haven’t received them from the Gryposuchus tournament.

However, it seems that many affected players still haven’t received the mail.
If that’s the case, please contact our Support team either in-game or via e-mail at, and they’ll be able to assist you.
A friendly reminder not to send multiple requests as it might cause delays.

Again, our sincere apologies and thank you for your understanding.


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You know, it’s been since Sunday now, still no response from support…sent a ticket…c’mon now…the support has got to step up their game or come up with better solutions.


Well I got a response today. They said everyone got points in their in-game mail. Well I didn’t.

@Daven - any suggestions? Or do VIPs just have to eat this?

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I got a response from support saying they had already fixed it with an in game message to everyone… I wanted to have a heart to heart with them and ask if they had read my initial request which stated that I know they sent an in game message to folks to fix it, but I did not receive the fix, otherwise I wouldn’t be waiting supports time. Sometimes I wonder if they read all of the message before responding.


Hello all,
There seems to have been some confusion on our end. If you were in Dominator League, got zero loyalty points, and did not receive the in-game mail with the 2600 loyalty points, please write to an agent will verify and aid you. Apologies to those who wrote in and were simply told to check your in-game mailbox please submit a new ticket.

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FYI for folks they were able to help me off of my original support ticket, so if you haven’t sent a new one in yet stick with your original ticket. It will most likely get resolved quicker for you and it will add less tickets to the support team to sift through.

Unfortunately my prize drop glitched the day after so I may be waiting a bit longer. From now on I guess I need to make sure I always have enough bucks to buy it outright even at the cost of delaying mg free market for a few weeks :pensive:

I received an email saying it got solved for all the players but it wasn’t my case, and until today I didn’t received anything.

I answered that email with a SS of my 0 inbox messages of LP. I think each case should be treated separately instead of saying it was globally solved when clearly this isn’t the case

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I contacted support from the game and yesterday I got a response. It took some time but they added the LPs to my account.

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They added it in or did you have to click a collect from the mail?

Yeah I’m wondering the same because as far as I know they’ve done nothing unless they just added the points to my account and I didn’t realize

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I can tell you they didn’t add mine and they said so in the email, since I’m not VIP and always spend my points it’s pretty easy to see a 2,000 hole there so they didn’t

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They added mine manually, no in game email, I only knew that they did because I happened to have a screen shot from the night before to compare the totals.

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@Mr_Nobody_cares did you write in a second time as mentioned to do here:

Support agents I believe will just manually add the LP to your account.

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I received the message from the game support, where they mentioned that they would add it to my account directly, then I just had to exit and enter the game and they were reflected.

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