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No loyalty points on Twitter


This is a problem that probably appears only in certain time zones.
In central Europe loyalty points for certain days are not available until late in the evening, at least not before 11pm. The next morning they are no longer available because they are expired. I know that Ludia wants us to play all day, but this is really not fair.
Please fix this, Ludia.


I noticed that a lot of times they are posted fairly late in the day here in the States, which of course would make them VERY late in European time zones. Of course, earlier times would result in similar issues in places like Japan, but I expect that there’s a lot more European customers than Far East, so I hope they do take note of this and get them posted earlier in the day so you have a chance to get them as well. Or base them on the local time zone if that can be determined by the game.


Thanks for supporting us in the ‘old world’.

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I have noticed that here in the states (west coast) they seem to expire before 11pm on the same day which usually only gives a maximum of a 12 hour window from post (usually I see them get posted anywhere from 10 am to 2 pm). There have been plenty of times were I think “oh shot I forgot to collect on the link” I go to the link on the same calendar day it is posted click on it and it has expired. Usually I am doing this late at night sometime past 10 pm but before 12 am. But I see them refer to things as EDT or Eastern Daylight Time which is three hours ahead of me on the west coast so anything past 9 pm here is already 12 am there, or the next day. Thats the only thing I can think of as to why their promotions seem to expire before the end of the day they are associated with.


I can say for sure that here in Europe they do not appear before 11pm and that they are expired before 6am the next day. So it can’t be more than 7 hours.
But that is not the problem. The problem is that I sleep from time to time (very unusual) and that this happens normally in the middle of the night.

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It is 6am and this promotion is expired. Please do something Ludia. Otherwise I am not going to visit you anymore on Twitter.


I am not sure what time the twitter post was but here in PST zone the link seems to expire at 12 am EST zone regardless of what time zone you are in. The post was done around 1-2 pm PST so it was only good for around 6-7 hours before it expires. Not a huge window of time for everyone around the planet to partake.


That’s what I noticed as well. I often miss it due to the short time frame as well.


A short time period is one thing but the main flaw is, that there is a number of players who can’t participate because it is active in the middle of the night in their time zone.
Maybe I should consider to establish some kind of insomnia.

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As a long time sufferer of insomnia, I can tell you those small numbers of points are not worth it.

But that’s partly what I meant with the comment about a short time frame. With International users, a 6-hour time frame is always going to land in the middle of the night for a significant number of people.


I hope you don’t think that I was making fun of insomnia. I know it is a serious problem.

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No worries, didn’t think that at all… and yeah, insomnia like mine can really be a serious health issue to deal with.

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This morning I felt out of my bed, maybe a bad conscience because of my post yesterday. I entered the promotion on Twitter before 6am and it was available. I now assume that they are available from 11pm to 6am here in Europe.
That means under normal circumstances they start too late and end too early for me to get them.

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That is like me for the 20% hatchery discount on Tuesdays. I need to get out of bed at around 5:40 am to try and speed hatch a bunch of stuff before 6 am.


@Tommi - Aww, you sound a lot like me, I am very sensitive and worry a lot if I think someone might be upset with me over something no matter how trivial. Many times I’ve tossed and turned all night because of some anonymous person on the internet being mad at me over something silly. Rest assured though, I am VERY slow to take offense, and always think the best of people until they show me a reason to think otherwise. It has been a good policy to follow as more often than not, no offense was meant.

I probably am going to be paying more attention to the discount times myself, particularly for purchasing from the market. I went through all the DNA I won from the recent tournaments way faster than I expected to, particularly as they seem to have made the Hatchery fail even more than it had been already. When it’s even failing on making Level 11 commons, that’s getting a bit ridiculous.

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