No, Ludia is not changing their pairing algorithm. Next!

Ok, here´s the thing. There a lot of us complaining about how we´re being paired (both in Arenas and Tournaments), but Ludia seems to not take care of it. And there´s a reason for it: Ludia is convinced that their pairing system / algorithm is all right. They actually believe that it is fair that you face dinos that double your level just because you won a couple of battles. You shouldn´t be able to win more than three battles in a row because, I don´t know, they are afraid that you get to the highest arena way too fast and so you quit the game (?.

And what´s more, there are some players that stand for this system.

So leave it. Get used to it or quit the game. There is no point on cointinuing this struggle.

P. S.: whats that “boicoting PvP” thing about?

I have no clue

Do you work for Ludia? Can you confirm the devs will not change the pairing algorithm?

Because if you don’t, you can’t state for certain what Ludia will and will not do. Some of us are passionate about this game and what to it improve as much as possible, and this is one topic many of us want improved upon. Us players will continue fighting for improved matchmaking, no matter what you say.

Also, “boycotting PvP” is a threading showing the dissatisfaction players have with the current state of the arena, and many players will not continue playing the arena until matchmaking is fixed.


It’s simple: don’t play PvP and with that take hostage of the trophies. Should never be a mandatory thing in any alliance. Just don’t punish those who chose to. Let’s be honest: the alliance awards haven’t changed since introduction so not much to lose there :wink:

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The biggest problem with this game is not matchmaking but simply the rank reset at the beginning of the month. (it’s even worst now that they have changed the matchmaking on the beach). Before, there wasn’t that many players above 5K so after the monthly reset, it would take only 2 or 3 days to get back to your previous rank and that was it. Not too painful. But now, after the monthly reset, it does take almost 2 weeks to get back to your normal rank, and sure enough, thanks to the horribly wide matchmaking, anytime during those two weeks, you can get matched with unbeatable teams.

But if you think about it, you always get back to your previous rank before the end of the month, and you stay there until the reset. So basically, matchmaking is somewhat working. If you would loose more than 50% of your game, you would never get back to your previous rank, and you would sink lower month after month. (Instead of slowly climbing as you’re improving your team)

The other problem is the fact that if somebody level up ONE dino, they usually think that this will be enough to make them climb one arena. Same thing goes with the boosts. Some players think that by adding 2 or 3 boosts on a dino, they will suddenly be able to climb many levels. But that’s not the case.

So that’s the reason Ludia is not changing their algorithm… Yes, it could quite likely be biased a little, or manipulated to make you spend money, but in my book, as long as at the end of the month, I’m getting back to my normal score, I’m happy. And as long as I’m going up slowly as I’m improving my team, I’m also happy. That being said, I still hate the monthly reset (I think it’s a big mistake from Ludia, and that’s the real reason players think the matchmaking is so bad).

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