No Ludia.. YOU have been disconnected!


Cut out mid-battle and haven’t been able to log back in since … in same cell reception I’ve always played on from home or “full bars” on WiFi (all other connected devices working)!

Moderators: when u inevitably merge this to the glitch thread… please take a moment to pass on to developers that this has become a more frequent occurrence amongst users (and that they owe me 30 trophies :trophy: k thanks!)


Hey @Hersh, sorry to hear that this is interrupting your gameplay, but we have a few troubleshooting steps that might be able to settle this for you. We recommend that you try the following:

  • Force-close your app and restart it
  • Sign out of your Google Play/GameCenter account, then sign back in and re-launch the app

I hope this helps, but should the issue persists please reach out to us at


This is a completely insulting reply. End of.


“verify your connection” too. my connection is fine, thanks. the problem is game or server side. connection lost many times, when loading game or during a battle.


Just some info here, because I know you have a script reply for this type of thing. But please pass this on to the team. These issues have happened in the past week or so (though similar have always happened.)

  1. Sitting next to my son on the couch doing a friendly battle. Same WIFI, same type of device. I disconnect in battle, he does not. Pandora streams uninterrupted in the background. An hour later we try again. First battle goes nicely. The second time he disconnects and I do not.

  2. I have excellent data reception in my office at work. I will battle during lunch, and get 3-5 solid battles in with flawless execution. Then, randomly, I will disconnect or I get the beginning screen for an eternity while the battle rages on without me knowing. This happens frequently. The connection is fine. Solid. I never have any issues on any other game.

I won’t even pretend that this type of game will always have a perfect connection. But many, many times it’s exceedingly obvious the device or connection is not the issue. It’s not customer service excellence to keep tossing out solutions for OUR end. Even if you can tell us - Hey, we’re 98% good here, but, yep, we drop it. Owning the problem will go far.


I’ve had this happening from time to time before but it has been a lot more severe this past week. Severe enough to cost me at least two epics and a few commons while using epic scent capsules. I know that network issue in game does happen but an acknowledgement of the issue being possibly from game server side would have been appreciated


Hey everyone, we understand that it can be really frustrating when you’re having connection issues with the game, and our team is still actively working towards trying to reduce these problems for our players, especially in situations like the arena. I understand that it could sound repetitive to hear the same solutions we give out sometimes, but at the moment, they are the best ones we have to our knowledge. If you have any other information to assist our team in their investigation, email them here at with your support key so they could gather some more information.


I just ran into this issue for the first time too. So annoying.