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No maintenance warning


Thanks for the heads up. Please reimburse my epic scent…


Talk about a bad day.


That’s unfortunate. Definitely worth contacting their support team…


@J.C am I going to need to email and wait 12 weeks for a reply to get this sorted?


Game is back. Nothing is changed


What was the point?!


12 weeks no way, 2-5 days possibly


Just restarted and didn’t get any non member requests, sure hope it is fixed.


It was a few days for me and I was happy how they resolved my issue.

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Last time I had an issue they sorted it within a week

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Il accept 10k Sino… to make it up to me. :grin:


Counter offer: would you be interested in koolasuchus ? :wink::wink:

(Jk, I kid :sweat_smile:)


Make it 100k koola and your on :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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@Hersh probably has 100k Koola …

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‘Hersh the slug keeper’


Slug whisperer

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@J.C do you have any info on the maintenance?


This was our server maintenance. Currently it is over, and you can enjoy playing again.

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A heads up in future will save you and us wasted time. Doesn’t take long to say we are doing a quick maintenance today.

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Did you ever message them?
6 days was my fastest, 4 weeks the slowest

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