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No majungasaurus and diplocus (something. Like that cause I forgot how to spell it) and no ankylosaurus gen 2!


Please put more majungasaurus and diplocus and more ankylosaurus to dart.




Gaming thx


Just doing my job


Majunda got migrated to park in ver.1.4, Diplo is local spawn.
Ankylo gen2 is common at night, juat like v-raptor.

If you need, here’s some free Diplo for you.:smiley:


Anky G2 and Diplo are all over the place around me. Please come take them. :rofl:


Best way to farm ankly gen 2 is to use those common scents they give you during night time… this is my favorite time to use them cause you not only get ankly but you also get raptors and ophiacodon… if you get your 2 scents per day…1 green 1 orange and your 50 cash limit per day off the organge supply drops… you can get 7 scents per day… i can easily average 2.5k ankly gen 2 dna doing this for like 35 minutes at night… you will fly through darts so try to be close to supply depots when you do this…

You can repeat that same strategy for diplos…but you need to be in a local 3 during the day… triceratops gen 2… iguandon and diplo… are indications your in the right spot


Im sorry… Did someone just request the Dinos we all probably ignore be more common? If I dart every 5th Maju I see Id be out of darts between 2 supply drops


For a newer player anky gen 2 and diplo are really useful… anklycodon and diplotator are great for the early to pre-legendary stage… Im assuming thats why he wants them. I still catch those two just for the cheap fuse exp…

On maju… i dunno about that.


No I need them to get the hybrids