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No Mammolania?

Not that I’m buying it, but aren’t they missing someone here in this incubator? Why?


Because mammoth is their big cash cow. :moneybag: :moneybag:


No Testacornibus too.

15000 HC is so not worht the random 100 unique dna. if it was 250, then maybe.


Still a big no from me. I wouldn’t buy one unless they buff all underpowered uniques

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Bc Ludia is incompetent and can’t even get their shameless cash grabs right

I know exactly why.
Those extra two cards would make it look horrendous.
Look how nice it is with 4 rows of 5.
It’d drive me bonkers if those two forced another, uneven row.
Not that I even looked at this abomination of an incubator before this post.


They need a better marketing agent xd like if they had a fierce unique bundle. It would limit the creatures down. Come with unique 150 dna and include epic, rare, and common and maybe 25k coins.

Then you could do an armored unique incubator. It would turn more heads to view it at the least. Way more than these I don’t even view them atm lol.

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That’s not even half a unique.

Prices are way too high!