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No matches

I can’t match with any new people and it’s been happening for a few days now. So I have no one to talk to, is there a way to fix this. I do like this game though it’s really good from what I played.

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If they’re newer characters then most of them are unable to be matched with right now as they don’t have any story content released yet. If they’re older characters then it may be the case that you’re trying to match with people who share the same storyline as some of the characters you’re currently matched with which will prevent you from matching with the counterpart characters.


Oh alright, thank you I was so confused

I agree. I feel like if Ludia isn’t going to have full storylines to release, even if it is a little at a time, they should at least keep us updated. Like, “Oh, hey! Keep an eye out! This character will be returning in two weeks!” etc. Etc. I’m all for building suspense, but, without any notifications, it feels like they’re going to lose a lot of users. Because I’ve had several matches that have been offline for at least two months now.


I agree 100%! I got a notification that told me “New Matches” so I rushed to open the app and I got zilch! Super disappointing!

“New Matches: A batch of new people is available” (or something similar) doesn’t mean new characters have been added or had content added, it only means the number of profiles you can swipe through has reached the maximum of 10 so more won’t load until you swipe left or right on at least one. I got excited by it though too the first time I saw the notification.


would be good to just un-match some that really don’t have much of a care for so that can have a new story with others they wore linked with that seam more interesting anyway or at least am more likely to like instead of being stuck with no matches & seeing those that are repeats or can’t match with those that want to match with. its getting old fast just getting a bigger& bigger list of those who are away too :woman_facepalming:t2: