No meaning to write here any more thanks

No meaning to write here any more.

Just enjoy my game.


Post a picture of your team. The decision will be definitely dependant on what you already have


For instance, I took the utasinoraptor route cause my team was lacking a raptor (and I am very impressed at what utasinoraptor can do). Otherwise I would have gone for allosino, since it’s easier to create it and also thor is easy to create (they both need commons, and utarinex needs two rares)


No meaning to write here

Yeah, both utasinoraptor and utarinex are great dinos. But you already invested too much sino dna into thor. Do you have some left to create utasinoraptor to a competitive lvl? That being 20, according to your avg team lvl

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No meaning to write here

If your gonna work on spinota utah raptor dna can be an issue… its why i decided to level allo for thor then go back to leveling my utahsino… there was a time i had like 70 sino and 0 utah

No meaning to write here

In this meta spinotah…but utahsino is still really good and i love it… its kit allows for a ton of flexibility and its instant charge is great against people who just spam ss cause they see a raptor.

If you can get the utahraptor working towards utahrinex and spinotah is a solid plan…

I think if you’re gonna go for spinotasuchus then keep leveling Thor and forget about utasinoraptor for a while, unless you have a way of getting tons of Utah quickly, which I doubt