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No meaning to write here anymore


No meaning to write here any more.



I’m not too happy with Thora either. It is clear that it is weaker than allosinosauro if there is no critic and, although I have done few battles for statistic to be significant, this critic who should appear almost half the blows appears very little.

It is my second epic and it will take me a lot to have a third (and the best ones like the Trikosaurio, the Erlidominus and the Utarinex I will never be able to have them not even being able to try to have them) and not being able to trust him is a pity.


No meaning to write


I actually benched Thor when at lvl 21. However, that dino is actually functioning now at lvl 23. Can’t wait till this weekend’s sino dna. It’ll be a monster at lvl 25.


How is it not better? It loses some health and armor but gains attack, speed, and dsr over api


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The attack gain is negligible and the DSR can almost never be used. All the dinos he faces kill him in two turns either because they are faster (almost all) or because they have a slowing movement (Stegodeus, …). Therefore, the first attack is always DSi and the second is Instant Charge just before dying, the same two attacks that would make the Allosinosauro, with almost the same damage but, having more health and armor, the Allosinosauro would have more chances to survive and get to make a third hit. Of course, everything changes if the only positive thing about Thora (its 40% critical) works. As I said, I must do many more fights to have a reliable statistic but of 6 battles only in one the critic is active in the DSI and in two in the Instant Charge.


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I somewhat agree. At entry level it is tough to use but at higher levels it can be a beast. I still believe it should have some type of armor


After a new fight, another DSI without critic (1 of 7 despite being 40%). For more “anger”, this time the Thor has only given a blow because the Tragodistis, with only 5% chance of critic, has hammered him with a critic in the second blow (I did not want to use Instant Charge).

As a curiosity, as a second dino I got a Spinotasuchus and the tragodistis knocked him out with another critic. Tragodistis made two critics in a row with a 5% chance. That should happen once every 400 times and it was my turn … Then I put indoraptor and the invincibility did not work … I return from the coffee room to work wanting to erase the game … although I know that I will not do it…


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Call me crazy but i prefer the colors and design of allosino lol


The crit is clearly misscalculated, he crit like 10% of times meanwhile tryko crit the whole days even whit counterattacks and have only 30% vs 40% thora


can i see your team?


No meaning to write


No meaning to write


i dont know what post that is. mind posting a picture here?


Im wondering what level you guys are using tl determine this… thor is one of those dinos thats not so great out of the box… need a few levels before it starts to perform well.


yes and needs a robust team around it.


IDK, i’m happy with mine for now. It seems to hit that critical fairly often. If it stops doing it’s job, I’ll bring Allosino back.