No meaning to write here anymore

in my case it is created since Monday and, therefore, it is level 21. My average level is about 23 (Stegodeus 26, Indoraptor 24, tragodistis 24, stegoceratops 23, tryostinix 22, spinotasuchius 21, Indominus Rex 20). I have out of the team the allosauro of 20, gorgosuchus of 22, paramoloch of 21, Monomimus of 20, Dilonosauro of 19.

A unic should be the best dinos of my team, superior to legendary 23 or epic of 25 … and it is not … except that its 40% critic appears.

Level means more then rarity… ie a level 24 legendary is gonna perform better then a level 21 unique.

Thor needs a few levels to be good… its similar to tryo in those regardless a level 16 tryo is just bad…

Some legendaries/uniques are good as soon as you make them… some need a few levels to perform ok.

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When it doesnt crit or stun :sob:

No meaning to write

you are simply comparing the two. the 109 speed is key to his success.

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On the leaderboard 1-5 have thor… noone in the top 10 uses allo… thor is good at high levels… dont take my word for it look at the leaderboard yourself.

Some of those guys have high level allos… there not using them in favor of thor.

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If all this ia true, then how would you fix it?

I dont see Thor (I refuse to call it Thora) needing a buff, as it would definitely be OP after that.

Is your solution to nerf Allosino then?

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40% isn’t 100%, but it’s better than 5, 10 or 20%

And there are times when that makes all the difference


if you give anytype of increase to thor its very op then

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No meaning to write

No meaning to write

do you understand what the speed does to the ic move for each of these creatures? its the difference of another move.

So three out of 30 use allosino and that makes it better cause 9 out of 30 use thor (including the top 5).

Im not getting the logic here.

I’m gonna keep tootin my horn on this point: Thor could use 15% Armor. That is all, and it’d be set haha


They can’t buff Thor any higher, it would be an unstoppable nightmare for 90% of the other dinos in the game.

Agsin, all you are doing is asking for an Allosino nerf, imo anyway.

i dont think he has a thor… no pics, it never happened.

He still weak even at 25 xd

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No meaning to write

No meaning to write

i think its better and if they buff it, it will be better. i guess agree to disagree. dont disregard the speed