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My Thor(a) is a 23 and i’m content outside of the fact armor should have been inherited. I like DS is available for all moves besides IC. That alone seems to help considerably vs Allisino with all the swap in shield dinos.


Im excited to create it, hopefully this weekend. Ill put him in right at 21. If hes as good as allo at least, I can use him at creation level. Allo has won me a few games.


No meaning to write


I will get it eventually but in the meantime I’ll keep leveling allosino up as she great


You just have to become vip for the 40% crit to work.


I’m sorry to tell you that being a VIP, at the moment, you will not have that 40% either. Well, there is an exception, in the events of assaults against veliciraptores of 1 you can enjoy seeing how your Thor becomes critical after critical. Then in the battles you will return to normal :slight_smile:

Maybe the comparison is unfair because that bit of speed more (which is useless, except against precisely the allosinoauro and Indominus Rex) and the greater chance of criticism makes it, perhaps (and I’m not clear) a little, very little better, but we started from the base that the allosinosauro was no longer a great dinosaur. I created it and raised to level 20 at the same time but I realized that it was not a useful dino and, after a couple of battles, left the team.

The problem of both is that they die in 95% of the occasions after the second blow of the rival reason why the second blow of the Allo or the Thor in all those occasions must be the Instant Charge to try to do some damage. When using this blow it does not matter if stun occurs or not because the opponent, being faster, will hit anyway before and kill us. Thor’s DSR would be one of the best shots in the game, but he almost never gets to use it


A Stegodeus of 25 (it’s easier to have a stegodeus of 25 than a thor of 21) kills a Thor of 21 on his 2 hit (but not allosinosauro.) Thor can only hit with DSI and, perhaps with IC, but not with DSR, without critic, will have tickled Stegodeus.

A Stegoceratops of 18 kills a Thor (or Allo) of 21 in “two strokes” if he performs Stun in his two Stunes. A higher stegoceratops kills a Thor in 2 strokes even if the 2 stun fails.

A Tragoodistis of 22 kills a Thor of 21 (but not an Allo) in his second hit if the stun works.


It is supposed that the main function of the unic Thor (and the Allo) is to destroy tanks, but the legendary tanks win.

Of course, all the great teethers will have got rid of the Thor in the 2 hit, although having less health than the tanks will have been damaged more.

In addition, it is one of the few dinos present in elevated sands that a damage reduction can not be removed.

Having said all this, I have Thor on my team, hoping that the critics will appear in the promised 40% which is what makes it possible to consider a unic, although not the best as indicated by the Metahub list.


He is trolling you man


That’s why I answered with a smile;)


you are wrong about the thor and deus matchup. i have wrecked some deus. its faster so if you do get the stun hes done.


if you dont get crits and stuns atleast you took a couple good chunks out to set up your next dino. knowing deus will run.


I suppose that you beat them with a Crit or they made the wrong first blow. If the first blow of the Stegodeus is the Thagomizer, which is the obvious, Stegodeus hits first in the second and third turn (if he reaches this third turn). Assuming Thor hits on the second turn with Instant Charge, and assuming Stun occurs, Stegodeus will lose his second turn but start first on his third turn. If stun did not occur, Stegodeus would hit twice in a row, the second and the third turn.


No meaning to write


after ic you get another hit if stun. i know if ifs were fifths we would all be drunk but thats a series of 3 hits and deus evaporates


Yes, it is clear, if the Thor has a chance to hit three times, he is capable of defeating practically any dino, however strong it may be. The problem he has is that he can rarely hit 3 times. If the Thor is 21 antre Stegodeus of 25 or higher he will not be able to use his best stroke of x2. He can only use one of x1.5 and the 1x Instant Charge that does not go through shield or shield.