No meaning to write here


No meaning to write here anymore


Whats the point of this thread?


you must have bad mojo. mines crits all the time. works as intended. must be super vip.


why are you even reading it? didn’t you see [Only to Ludia] in the title, man?


admins can you delete my comment. this is for ludia only… oops and this comment too.


This one time…at band camp…I stuck a Thor in my Aviary…


Atm have thor at 25 planning to 26 after this weekend, is true he dont crit a lot but his base dmg is wbought hight to chomp dinos


My experience was the same. In the event the crit always worked and in the sand almost never. The truth is that it angered me a lot. However, I must say that today in the arena the crit has appeared. It has not reached 40% but it has approached enough. It seems there has been some adjustment,


No meaning to write


omg… are you guys really serious right now? the crit works and has worked even before you wrote this.


No meaning to write


yeah it did. and this proves my theory that if your team is below average that rng wont go your way. sorry dude.


and no. there is no button that you press to change the coding of how a 40% crit should work.


No meaning to write here


you did nothing to change a thing about it man. has always worked like this and you will be back complaining. good day sir


No meaning to write here




if your intent is to have ludia read it, and as few others as possible comment on it, make sure you are posting it in the most appropriate place:






This thread is for Ludia only