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No way

You burnt your Thor criticals on strike events. Numbers evens out on long run. So if Thor crited 7 times out of 10 in strike events, to even out till 40%, will crit only once in 10 times in arena battles.

When I used Gorgosuchus in strike events it crited most of the time, but very rarely later in arena battles. It’s just how it works.

I got ran over by thor today in the arena at 5000 trophies.

It’s an absolute monster with a little bit of luck. I personally think it’s very strong.

Also just unlocked Thor, whilst my crit chance so far seems irritably far below 40% I haven’t used it enough to really warrant discussion on it.
Rather my problem is that while Thor is at Team Level (for me, 20-23) the tanks I’m facing are 25+ so I need to rely on those crits to try and punch through or he’s just dead…

Until I can get a decent read on how he’s performing in a “fair” battle I will reserve judgement
Now if only I could get some decent night hunting in to level the damn thing

No meaning to write here

Luke - you are hilarious. Thanks for perking up my day

Haha this thread is great with morning coffee except when it flies across the room when you laugh.

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