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No meglo’s


Is it just my area or is there a distinct lack of meglo about at the green stops compared to the rest for everyone. All there seems to be are these stupid flyers and the odd carno. I love the carno and couldn’t resist a couple of attempts on it but it’s meglo I crave.


Megalo was yesterday. Today is Carno and Duncecap.


I had same yesterday. I thought there all on at sane time so there’s a choice


Not true, all of them appear simultaneously, and for me megalo spawns great. I aim to use all 30 attempts for megalo because he is so very rare to encounter otherwise. Also, it takes a huge 200DNA for one fuse towards megalosuchus, and Ive been getting lots of 10’s a go…


It might be that it’s zone-specific, as well. It switches out from one day to the next. I’m L3, so no Megalo for me. Just Carno and his little backwards-upside down flying pal Woodstock… uh, I mean Duncecap.


That is my aim but it’ll have to be 25 now coz of carno temptations haha. My meglo is at level 14 with enough to level 15 it with abit of change left to start fusing… It’s 200 is it I was wondering how much fuse dna it’d take to fuse for meglosuchus, thanks for letting me kno.


I’ve literally got a green stop out side my house but it’s just been the flying one. I don’t want to have to use an attempt to get rid of it in hope a meglo appears coz knowing my luck it’ll be another flyer haha


A lot of empty event spawns tbh


It seems they are spawning at night more around my area. :thinking:


Noticed that also where I am


Although I’m aware how they’re supposed to spawn, I’m seeing Carnos and the dino bird thing everywhere. In the last 2 days I’ve only seen 4 meglos. I already live in crappy L3 so I already have crappy Carno all the time. Meglos spawn rate is definitely nerfed. I’m sick of it. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll catch 26!


This is the problem I have with the ‘multi-dino’ events Ludia do; there’s too many of them at once. When there’s 5 dinos to choose from odds are only 1 or 2 are actually desirable, but every drop point has the same chance to have any of the dinos other than the one you want. This is compounded by the tendency for event drops to be replaced by strike events, further cutting down your chances. I had to hike between 3 different parks for about 4 hours today to find just 9 megalos. It was exhausting.


Majundasuchus? Give us a useful rare hybrid instead! Majunda’s for really low-level players.


i have been getting a good mix of all of them. carno is probably the rarest i am seeing but definitely seeing them all since yesterday


Carno’s being replaced by useless Majundasuchus now. Carno’s apparently the event day spawn, along with his sidekick Duncecap.


It does seem like most desired dinos of the week seem to be most rare of them all like megalo this week and about month ago irritator. Coincidence, I’m sure. Not implying Ludia makes them rare compared to others :thinking:


I actually see megalosaurus near my house


It did same other week with the sincoceratops. out of 16 stops near me it was at 1. Think I only got 3 overall. Maybe sites like metahub who suggest the dinos best to catch and talk on this forum give Ludia ideas which to make rarer on event days. Possibly Idk🤷🏻‍♂️


Hunting the megalos today was a little rather frustrating. A good ol three hour bike ride, with a decent amount of drops, and I only managed to come across 9. Luckily I was able to find 5 megalos in the wild to compensate for that energy spent. I wouldn’t mind too much if there were carnotaurus or majundasuchus either, at least then I would be able to get my max coins/cash/ and scent. 80% consisted of too many flyers, a nightmare like the past two weeks.

You can take away my megalos, but don’t take the money :joy:


My back hurts from looking for Megalosaurus, still need to magically find 8 more :joy_cat: