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No more 10 DNA fuse

I am probably not the only one that finds this irritating. You are wanting a dinosaur so bad and you are close to getting it. You have 190 left of 250 and you can almost feel that your efforts are going to be rewarded. You hope to get a 60 DNA fuse or close to it. But you end up getting back to back 10s. Now you do not have enough DNA to make anymore fuses for that dinosaur. I am experiencing this with getting Thor. I am at 190 out of 250 and all that I have been getting is 10s. I would like Ludia to do away with the 10 DNA fuse altogether, so that it would be easier and faster to create dinosaurs. Faster creations means better teams which creates happier and more successful players in the arenas. Please fix this problem Ludia.


If they switched the minimum to be 20, then they would require you reach 500 in order to level up. You would be at 380 but really in th same position.

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Maybe a minimum of 50 dna since that is the least of another creature’s dna you need to attempt fusion (I’ll use Indominus Rex as the example here), I just can’t stand when I use 50 dna from Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is incredibly hard to find and 500 Velociraptor dna, which is also very hard to find, to only get a measly 10 dna for Indominus Rex. Maybe 50 is too high for a minimum, perhaps 30 is more reasonable, but anything else is better than 10

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I totally agree with you.

I don’t think they should take 10 away but they should give us less of a chance to get 10

I am just saying the 10 fuse is irritating and is way too frequent.


I agree. I think it should be a VIP perk to have the odds of getting a 10 drop significantly or even take away the possibility of getting a 10 for VIP members and dropping the frequency of 10 for everyone else.

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I would suggest that you get like 5 fuses for Thor then use them all at once. Instead of 10-back to hunt 10-back to hunt its even more deflating. You might get 10-30-10-20 - back to hunt. Idk, I like to get a minimum of 4-5 fuses before I do things.

But totally agree 10 should have a much lower chance. It’s always been this way though way more likely to get 10. I hate that number because of this game lol.


But what about non-VIP? We would get stuck with the curse of the 10s

I plan on saving the fuses instead of doing it everytime.

I’ve always thought that incorporating a player’s level into the fusing mechanic would be better. In a way representing our improving expertise with obtaining DNA.

For example: Lvl 1 - 5, the minimum is 10, lvl 6 - 10, the minimum is 20, lvl 11 - 15, the minimum is 30 and for lvl 16 - 20, the minimum is 40.


They should just add a 22 fuse base for mass fusions. That is the average. All suggestions that average above 22 have different issues and are bad ideas…this thread is littered with terrible ideas to fix a simple problem…a problem that is a personal problem no less, not an actual problem, it’s just a problem with hurt feelings not function. This is how we get terrible matchmaking when the issue was minor. Just stop

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I assure you it is not a personal problem. I guarantee if you put up a poll in a post in regards to the issue, you would see that a good 90% of the people would be on my side in the matter. Also it would not affect matchmaking because that is an entirely different beast

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Yes only pissed off folks that get 10s will vote. This is a dead issue between the code and the minor tracking that’s been done. Nothing is broken the average is 22. To ease the feelings of the sensitive folks that can’t deal with 10s we need an auto fuse option.

I didn’t say it effected matchmaking I said silly, reactionary, terrible ideas did which we seem to be working to replicate here for a different issue (all be it a minor one to those that know math) is what’s up. In short I would like to fix your feelings since they are the only broken item in this issue, make a mass fuse of 22 average. All fixed

It is a bad idea to increase it because of so many of us have dealt with this already. It comes with the territory. But I think if 10 was a small percentage less likely than that would be decent. I’m talking very small percentage less likely. Its only real tough to take in when you deal with arena locked creatures tbh. And let me tell you my situation I have no area 1 within a 35 minute drive radius yesterday I got about 20 dilo fuses in which 12 were 10’s. Now I have no Dilo unless I drive 30 minutes to an area 1 or events…

Yes save your fuses don’t drain them each time you can. It’s more deflating that way imho.

Look what I’m doing for Thor xD my Thor is lvl 25+ but with matchmaking There’s been no need to fuse imo. So I just set personal goals to stay motivated. “Tons of Tarbo goal” - get 100k tarbo dna xd

My Thor is actually lvl 24 but its ready to level at 270/250 dna… I do not level, scary match making…

Thanks for the insight and feedback. I will do what you are saying.

Man, so today I got 245 Pteranodon from a 24hr incubator plus a little I had already. So I’m total I was able to do 5 fuses.

10, 10, 20, 10, 20 on the Pteranodon legendary.

So I was able to get 1 fuse on Quetzorion.


Ugh! I mean come on. I get it random number generated. But on these unique maybe we could get a minimum of 20 or not so many 10s. That’s a lot of Pteranodon dna for a fuse of 10 on the unique. That dna is very hard to get for me.

I’ve still got to try my fuses for the Pteranodon event this week. I’m crossing my fingers I will get lucky and finish Quetzorion this weekend. If not it’s going to be a while until I find more Pteranodon.


I’ve gotten more 10s since 1.8 came out…

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Agree 10 fuses should be removed. Minimum 20!

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Been having the same issue

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