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No more 24 hour battle incubator?


Since i Beat the lvl 30 rajakylo strike event,my last good battle incubator was only the 12 hour incubator,can somebody help me my game got bugged?


No, it just takes a lot of time. You get one every 100 incubators

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Just got one last night


I only got the 8 & 12 hour incubator,it’s Ben like 3 12 hour and lots of 8 hour


Well, it hasn’t been 3 12 hour as that’s not possible. Sounds like it’s been 2 12 hour, lots of 8’s, meaning you’ll be getting a 24 very soon.

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Okay, thanks




Somebody has made this in a other topic. I test it and till now this schedule is correct;)


It works like this since the beginning


Yes, it works like a Swiss watch. I have 4 cycles left for my epic incubator :slight_smile:


You get one about every three weeks, if you get an 8 hr every day like I do.


I win the good incubator, but it’s still 12 hour (again)


You will get two 12’s before getting a 24.


It’s been like 3,not 2


It’s always the same. Look at the chart.


It’s not the same for everyone. I get four 8 hours before a 12 then another nine 8 hours before another 12 then four 8 hours before a 24.

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You are exactly describing what everyone else gets.

Look at the chart and start right after the 24… four 8’s, a 12. Nine 8’s, a 12. Four 8’s a 24.


Lol i was ment to put I used to get them quicker than that and still do sometimes.

But wasn’t thinking as was still half asleep :joy:

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I shoot for an 8 hour every day or better, every three weeks I get a 24.
It always seems like forever. If I didn’t know the structure of how it works, I’d believe I have missed a bunch, yet I know I haven’t. It just seems like it.