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No more "After battle lag" brought on by second island add on

Just wanted to thank developers for fixing this issue, I nearly stopped playing due to such long delay between “battle” and “home park” transition I assumed it was just all the extra coding it had to run , but it was just over the line of to much. Now All is well and good . Thanks!

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Curious as to what you are referring to?? The long time the AI takes in PvPs is what I would think you are talking about with the “battle lag” but that was introduced due to mods, and as far as I can tell, is still a big problem. At least in terms of how much times these battles take to do.

I think it was post battle, after it completed, now it is faster than the standard win animation to where it doesn’t even finish the win animation before heading back to the selection screen. Before this last update it would take a few extra seconds, perhaps more depending on your device.

Oh gotcha. Yeah a few seconds there doesn’t matter nearly as much to me as all the seconds between every single turn the AI takes. I do wonder why the fast forward shows up in some battles and not other though to speed that final animation up (and the 7/8 attack animations too).

Sorry for delay! I am actually referring to the loading type screen after all combat and prize info is completed…the one that transitions you back above your park. Would be 30 seconds or more… that may sound trife, and admittedly I suppose it is but during tournaments, it got old fast!