No more battle missions

I will gladly take the ‘1 friendly battle’ mission back over this. Arena is the absolute worst part of this entire game by a country mile, and being obligated to endure a dozen matches in this absurdity is absolutely the quickest way to kill interest in this game, especially when you seem to enjoy pairing this mission with day when there are hardly any strike event battles to be had. At the very least if you’re going to keep forcing us into arena make the ‘play AI’ button actually work so I at least dont have to worry about the amount of trophies I’ll drop from facing a 6000 hp, 3000 atk, 140 speed monster I havent a hope of beating.


I agree, I’m losing trophies nonstop because the matchups are so unfair.

Thing is, it’s not the losing trophies thing on its own that gets me. I’ve had losing streaks before. Its that battles are just flat out NOT FUN. Period. Its just a constant stream of whales dumping an unimaginable amount of disposable income into buying stat boosts for thor that make the april fools day lord lythronax look like a ****ing common, and the degenerates abusing how broken the dracoceratops rat is.


What i end up doing is putting a complete raptor team on both my accounts to do quick battles where i can one shot one raptor with another.

Yep. It’s at the point where I’d love for the “fight AI” option to be always available. I don’t care about getting trophies; I just want incubators and to finish my missions.


A quick tutorial of how to win in JWA today

1- Send a creature to weaken your opponent.
2- After it’s taken down and the adversary thinks everything is going well, send your freakishly boosted high level Thor to revenge kill
3- Take out any other creature that comes next with DSR and/or IC
4- If there’s any chance your Thor will die against a faster creature, swap to your freakshly boosted high level rat
5- If you can, save the rat sacrificing any other useless creature. You don’t need anything else. Send Thor back and repeat the process.

That basically sums up the arena.


That is LITERALLY how every battle I’ve had to suffer through today has gone and theres been nothing I can do to stop it. The rats have gone up to level 28 despite my highest dino beng 24, and the thors either outspeed or soak up anything I throw at them

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7 out of 10 battles more or less are something like that or exactly like that.

Its actually ridiculous; I’m actually HAPPY when the battle fails to properly connect and start and I have to restart the app; because the mission counts that as a battle so that’s one less I have to do.

Honestly; ludia’s mismanagement of this game has gone the full course from annoying, to hilarious to just plain pathetic

I was at 4698 trophies and comfortably up in aviary.

Then matchmaking changes dropped and i have fallen down to lockwood due to just absurd matches. Its at the point where id gladly play friendly battles and strike towers JUST to avoid the arena. Its just chaos right now

You assume it’s disposable income. Ludia got its start writing slot machines for mobile phones. Unlike real money gaming industries, they are not regulated but they definitely know how to kick off that dopamine. They and ea is why this industry will be regulated like real slot machines.

That may be how it is the upper levels of the Arena (and I understand the frustration) but Lockdown / Sorna Marshes I’ve found the Arena has become much more balanced and enjoyable.

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I agree with Colin but up in ruins it’s gotten waaay better as well as the ones he mentioned

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On the plus side, there are a few of the 5-battle towers each week, and they’re often there for two days, so you can plan to hit those when you need 5 simple battles.

I’m not even battling on my main account and when I get the 12 battles mission, I do towers and friendly with other account. If I get a daily battle incubator mission, I just don’t do that one. I’ll finish the others for the coins and bucks but that’s it.

I’m not leveling anything or creating anything new. I’m just adding up coins. I’m at 2.6 million coins right now and growing. There is no point in leveling anything up to team level. They would just be more cannon fodder. Thank you Ludia for the fun killing boosts. If it wasn’t for boosts, I could have a good 20 different dino’s to interchange in the mid 20’s. Not worth the effort now.

I’m considering arena dropping on my primary account to my 2nd account level for more fair battling and more choice in dino’s to battle with. I have more than enough coin and DNA to create and make almost anything as I’m doing on my 2nd account.

The top arenas are a pointless waste of time.

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but that 12 battle task can be done with 12 friendly. doesn’t need to be arena. :thinking:
when avoiding matchmaker mess in arena, i use to battle arena only enough to get 10-defeat boost resource incubator, and then complete the remaining to 12 with friendly.

towers also count for that.

Finding 1 friendly battle may be marginally less frustrating than arena but with how bad the system for them is getting 12 is pretty much impossible; I basically spam everyone whose online at the time with requests and doubtless come across as obnoxious, and ultimately I’d get maybe 2 or 3 battles if I’m lucky. As for strike towers; Ludia seem to only give me this mission on the days between large towers so I have only 2 strike towers battles to use. That still leaves 7-8 infuriating arena matches. The only time it’s not a problem is the rare times when a non-sucky tournament is on. Overall I would just prefer no missions that force me to enter the arena, but then I guess ludia realise that if they dont force us to play arena then no-one will with how badly they’ve ****ed it up.

12 battles for me isnt a problem. I dun depend on arena to get my 12. Usually i use towers and friendlies.

I would agree the friendly system is wonky after 1.8. My alliance is trying to do 25 friendlies an hour so i know the pain of finding a match.

I realised once you found a successful partner, that person will be viable to have friendlies the rest of the battles you need.

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and for july my problem with daily tasks is gone, thanks to pachy reward. i’ll not bother with these tasks for such a thing.

time to go darting. :slight_smile:


Don’t do the towers that have more than one day, unless you need them that day. I leave any that are more than 24-hours until the next day, in case I get a 12-battle mission. It is rarely that I will need to go into arena to fill a few battles.

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