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No more Dino Buck option for Custom Trade, really?

So, as @Mary_Jo sadly brought up on another topic, and having just check myself. I can confirm that you can no longer do custom trades for DB in the trade harbor.
And while I haven’t tried out yet, because my custom trade is on cooldown. People are reporting only being able to do one custom trade instead of the two.

Ultimately, I am really getting tired of Ludia constantly stealth nerfing different ways to get DB, which is rather unfair for everyone sense they’re going out the way to make you go “you want dino bucks, pay up”

So Ludia, is this is a accidental bug, then please fix it. Because while I get you need to earn income. Constantly dropping these stealth nerfs without even letting us know is silly, greedy and childish.


Sadly, no way it’s “accidental”. It’s clearly part of the pattern, and something they specifically waited for this big update to do in hopes it would just slide by us with less complaining. Quite honestly, I seriously am thinking about quitting. I am so angry at how much they have taken away from us in such a short amount of time, with very little to balance it out (the island is cool, but for me, not anywhere near as impactful as all the ways they are making the game less enjoyable). But most particularly the VIP benefits when I paid for a year in advance, on an expectation of what they would include. I also can no longer recommend the game to other people because I think they are riding along on having already gotten players hooked on the game, and just seeing how much hurt they can apply before people start quitting.


I just sent an email to support demanding a refund of the remainder of my membership, due to their bait-and-switch tactics with the benefits. Will be interesting to see what reply I get. If they refuse, I will take it up with my credit card company, even though it’s been awhile since I paid for it. Worth a try at least. At least then I’ll feel I can walk away from the game without having let them win and keep all that money I paid in advance to play.

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I didn’t try to do a trade for DB but I had my two trades today. Will have to look out to see if the DB option is gone next time.

I just used up the 250 dino buck option to find if you can still trade for dino bucks.

And?? Yes or no??

That’s some dedication!

No, that’s how I found out they you can’t trade dino bucks in custom trade.

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Oh right, you posted this topic thread with that info. :slight_smile:

The irony is, the more they do this kind of petty modification of the game to make DBs so hard to get, the more I am determined NOT to give them any money… not just in terms of paying for the DBs, but I am not going to EVER pay for a VIP membership again ( at least as long as they continue these kinds of policies), nor any packs (I did buy one that had the unique eagle statue for instance). I usually am fairly willing to pay some amount of money for a game I enjoy, but their actions have made me completely unwilling to support them at ALL. @Ned - I do hope someone there is getting the feedback about how upset players are becoming, have seen quite a few dropping their VIP memberships and more and more talking about quitting the game. Maybe that’s the intent here… it seems like much the same has been going on with JW Alive, with no concern for things that were upsetting players and causing them to quit. Now it seems to be our turn.

strange it let me do it on mine

On a side note glad i basically stopped playing i log once a day but haven’tt done any fights apart from the boss event for the dna

Are you a VIP or not? I wonder if there is a difference. It actually might make some sense if the DB trade option was only there for VIPs.

no i’m not a vip

… Maybe it is a bug then? Given how the common reward for PVP bug has come back.
I did send a support message to Ludia asking if this was a bug an hour ago, just to be sure that this was unintended.

I’m sorry to hear that, @Mary_Jo. :sweat:

Our team looks at all the feedback, but I’d be happy to relay this thread back to them directly.

Thanks again to everyone as well for your feedback, our team really appreciates it.

Have you done the new update? Might have been part of the update, since I am on Apple I have not updated yet, which might be why I had the two trades.

Ah no I haven’t , I wasn’t even aware there was an update until I read this

I have done the update, and my VIP promote screen still claims two custom trades. Can’t say a thing about bucks, as my trades are cooling down and i’m not as dedicated as @Sharpestedge_15g

I definitely got 2 trades today, but that was before I updated as well.

@Ned - I’d like to think that it would matter, but it doesn’t seem that our feedback on how angry we were over the first custom trade being taken away had ANY impact at all. Clearly the only thing that will is dropping memberships and/or quitting the game. I really really enjoy this game… but they are doing so much right now to make me walk away from it. It’s not like there is any shortage of other good mobile games out there to compete with. And yes, most are greedy and want our money too. But they don’t take AWAY things in the game once you are already playing it, and PARTICULARLY never, ever when you are a premium paying member. Ludia is unique in that respect in thinking that you can screw over paying members and they will be just fine with it.

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If it makes you feel better Mary, I went through the samething with World of Warcraft when Battle For Azeroth came out.
They just made everything that was interesting or fun previously really dumped down, story was getting stupid and idiotic, classes felt “weak” and Blizzard made microtransations much more important. Which made me quit WoW all together.

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That’s one of the reasons i’m looking forward to Classic when its out later this months :slight_smile:

They really removed dino bucks from the custom trades.
I never thought I would say that, but I’m now seriously think about quitting.
Jesus, I’m paying for this!

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