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No more event drops


Every single event drop disappeared from my area. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this intentional?

Any official word about today's lack of Green drops?
Ummmmm so where’s the green event pods, none at Park?
Place your bets. - Which dino got loose in the office?
Missing featured rare birds (?)
Where are the event stops?
Missing event drops
The events are gone
Special event RULES
Special event missing
None of the park dinos are appearing on map

They always disappear between the hour change from Common to Rare, or Rare to Epic.


I just experienced this for the first time today. Not going to lie… Im rather irritated because one event drop finally spawned in my cul-de-sac last night and is nowhere to be seen now. :disappointed:bummer… I too dont see anymore either.


I’m sure they’ll have it sorted soon, probably some issue upon starting the rare event. :nerd_face:


I had the same issue at the start of this event after the previous one, and was also worried. But it seems that it took more than a couple of hours for the event drops to manifest instead of the usual hour. Might be the same for you all, the event drops should appear soon enough


I have this too. Also some of the strike events swapped places.


Same here. :sob:


Is there only the one power up strike event


Had a major drop in event drops in local park as it went from 10 down to just 3. Also had similar in other park too.


Parks should never have been touched…

Parks should of stayed the same and then the additional ones dotted around


They gonna fix the fact there’s no events or not?

They even gonna come out and apologise?

Thought not


The only upside to the fact there is no event right now and that Ludia are remaining silent on it is that it’s just rare flyers! Thank god it’s not something important!


Yeah so its still not up. But rhe green supply drops gives us extra stuff


I see no green supply drops at all and it is well past the hour they usually have to reset.


Personally I’m not bothered in the slightest… like you said it’s crap dinos… but their silence when people actually pay for this game is disgusting


Wow strong words xD


Hopefully the disappearance of event drops means that they are working on fixing that bug where we can’t spin any green supply drops due to the event pterosaurs being in the way. I’ve missed out on a lot of coins because of it.


There are no green supply drops as there is no event.


Maybe they announced a change. But I believe rare flyer 3 day is current event. Where is Tupac hiding.


If they announced a change they need to review their announcement process cause it ain’t announced public!