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No more exclusive creatures: Poll

Lately (and by that I mean over the last couple of updates), we’ve been getting loads of exclusive creatures, and some of their annoying broken hybrids have already started to plague the arena, especially in skill tournaments.

Now, the rule that “creatures that are harder to get deserve to be more powerful” seems to have prevailed, although some of the exclusives are pretty bad, so I don’t know what Ludia’s excuse is there.
But while this may make sense, look at the cost it’s come at: in the arena as well as skill tournaments, there’s always only a handful of viable creatures, something which is especially noticeable in the Legendary Skill tournaments.

Creatures like Tragodistis, Spinotasuchus, Stegodeus, Pyrritator that were all once pretty good are all pretty useless now thanks to the power creep.

So while having hard-to-get creatures be more powerful makes sense, it kills variety, because you just can’t succeed without those creatures (unless, I suppose, you boost the bad ones like crazy, but that doesn’t count).

But at the same time, having exclusive creatures gives you long-term goals to work towards, and gives you something to get excited about when the right special event rolls around.

So how about this: Ludia could rotate which creatures are in which zones, which creatures are daily migration spawns, which creatures spawn at what times, which creatures spawn in parks, which creatures are arena exclusives, etcetera, every now and then.

That would allow you to have a huge pool of creatures be viable at any given time, because all of a sudden, there’s no High Tyrants or creatures that are 2 tiers above or below the rest. The exclusivity=strength rule would have to go.
People could go back to using creatures because they like them, or because they want to try them out for fun. People would be motivated to unlock creatures not to remain competitive, but for more personal reasons, like completing the Dex, or unlocking that theme team they want to try, or whatever you can think of.

Sure, some creatures would probably be better than others, but the margin would be smaller.

The way I see it, you have to choose between exclusivity and variety. Which do you prefer?

  • Exclusivity
  • Variety
  • No preference
  • I disagree with the premise of this thread (comment)

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Yeah it’s got to be a mix for variety. I’m a massive fan of the zone rotation idea, they wouldn’t even need to make it happen that often, maybe once every 3 months? So your zone where you live goes through a complete rotation every year


Strength of exclusives is one of the biggest cancers in JWA. Unlike boosts, it can be fixed easily in one patch, I’m glad the community wants to.


i would like exclusivity to mean something still. could be slightly better stats or even just signature moves. (1 or the other. not both. Looking at you mammoth hybrids)

Granted, this is only if we don’t get rotations of exclusive creatures in the wild/ arena

Sligthly doesn’t mean 4500 definite immune to distraction damage haha

exactly. slightly means small increases over another’s base stats. doesn’t make the creature outright better than something else.


Personally I would say that zones should rotate every three months so that over a year you get access to the full variety of creatures. This would be especially helpful for those players who, for whatever reason, are largely housebound or stuck to their local area.

From my perspective having exclusives is a good and bad thing, and I favour more the bad. Event exclusives such as the Battle of Big Rock promotion was a good fun idea. Get us out and looking for Allosaurus G2 and Nasutoceratops but then rather than make them fully exclusive, they should have made them such for say six months and then put them out in the wild.


Mods, could you pass the results to devs? They are clearly one-sided and the matter is very important to us


They need to just get rid of tournament and sanc exclusive creatures. I’m fine with Arena exclusive creatures and I’m sure many players are ok with that too. But sanc/event exclusives just need to go. They don’t have to make the former exclusives global like Spino G2, but at least let them be able to spawn in the wild or obtainable in the arena, I would personally do:

Allo G2: Global

Arctops: Can be obtainable in arena incs once you reach Arena 6

Blue: Area 4

Brontotherium: Global

Diplodocus: Area 2

Dsungaripterus: Airports/Monday exclusive

Megaloceros: Park (Anytime)

Nasutoceratops: Saturday Exclusive

Scolo: Tuesday Exclusive

Titanoboa G1: Global (Dawn/Dusk)

Woolly Mammoth: Can be onbatinable in Lockwood Estate.

What do y’all think?


I think they should add 1 more “exclusive”, but then do this instead:
For every month, there is an exclusive creature released into the wild. So, in January, Megaloceros could be a wild spawn while it is a sanctuary exclusive for the rest of the year. Diplodocus could be in June, Mammoth in December, and Actops in July.