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No More Free Scents?


I’ve noticed that since the new patch release I haven’t gotten a single scent capsule from the free incubator when, before the patch, I’d been getting at least two large scents a day out of it. Anyone else?

No large scent capsules since 1.6
Where are the 20min common scents?

I didn’t get any either. Also didn’t get a scent out of the scent strike today


Ive been geting the 5 min scent.


Same :frowning:

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Only 5 min here, not even the common 20 min.

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I’ve collected 3 per day, and out of that I snagged three 5 minute scents total.

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I am getting scents, but only the 5 min ones

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Thanks for the feedback. Shortly after making my original post I did finally get a 5 min. At least it is something but I’ll miss the 20 min and occasional Scent of Claws if this is the new norm.

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Yeah, no 20min anymore. May be Ludia sees a danger to their income so that nobody buys scents.

But, it’s so typical for them.


This isn’t a “new normal” or a reduction or a flaw.

The free scents were a holiday gift thing. Limited time.

This is a return to normal


Any Proof of what you’re saying?


The 20 min have been there since months. But not after this update.

It’s really bad.

They take away dinos from the global, give us scents. Then take away more dinos and aswell the scents.

Hahaha. :joy::fearful:



Nope none other than having played the game before they announced. "hey we’re giving away scents in free incubator as a gift for a limited time. "



My full reply is on time out. Should post soon.

Ah there it is.


During the holidays every free incubator had large scent with occasional scent of claws. After holidays every 3 or so sometimes more would
Give a large incubator. Now every 5 roughly you get a 5 minute scent. Really encouraging me to play the game Ludia. 5 einias yep I’ll pay for more scents that way.

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What’s stupid about the whole thing is that now that I can actually use the longer scents, they take them away.


It was part of winter enhanced mode. With boosted supply drops. It ended as scheduled.

It was really nice and it’s sad to see that goes away but at least they warned us since the beginning (I talked about it in my video à month ago)

Where are the 20min common scents?

And just so you know the supply drops are limited time boosted too they will drop back down to normal again too


Yeah its a shame to see them go… but we all should have been aware it was a limited time event…literally said so when it started. It was just one of the events that went on for so long it became part of our everyday playing and now that its gone we miss it.


They are back to normal already.

Free scents was a nice addition and the only reason I started doing scent sessions at different locals/parks. I will go back to ignore scents, I guess.