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No more matches?

All my 19 matches have gone on break and i can’t match with other people at all. Can i get some help on how to match with others?

Hey there, AUDREY1

I dont hv new match too. All my matches is offline.
Tried to match same dude more than 3 times… but still no matches. Im boredddddd… need new matchhhh…

This reply is two months old. All my matches are offline and it will not match me with anyone new. This is not acceptable considering I actually paid to get extra credits. This needs to be fixed and is a big problem for your users. U took the money for the credits now we got nothing for it.


Are you trying to match characters who are counterparts to ones you’ve already matched with or don’t have any content yet? Including the girls, there should be 28 matches. If you’re not trying to match with characters that fall either of the two categories I mentioned then that is for sure a bug and I hope it’s fixed for you soon.

It’s really more of the fact that it seems none of the characters have completed story lines and many have been offline for a month or more. The matching or the number of matches seems really low too. Game is woefully underdeveloped at this point.


not to whine or sound rude, but… they r e a l l y should’ve finished more with developing the game and its storylines before they released it…
all of my matches are away/on break as well and i haven’t been able to match, either- i hope things get fixed up some soon, this really is just honest to god depressing
it’s been months

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So much waiting. No new matches. All 20 that I’m crrently matched with are grayed out. Please tell me an update will be happening soon. Purchasing credits and only to be told within 3 or 4 clicks that they are going to be “away for awhile” is just poor execution and will certinally hurt customer retention. At least a few story lines could have been fully completed to garner more intrest and help retain the current fan base.


got to match with someone new after seeing there was a notice about there being new matches so am basicly so exited that had to include a bunch of these :tada::tada::tada::tada:
am hoping theres more that wanted to talk to to come also :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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I stopped buying gems a month ago or so since I’m rather weary of how things have been going. We did get Rose/Dahlia, though we’ll see how long they last for, but from what I’ve heard established characters are meant to make returns at least once a week and then a new character as well once a week.

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are those two story linked?? have not seen rose again in a bit& forget if had seen if they would be or not. regardless looking forward to more new girlies to talk to also,much nicer then getting stuck with guys for shore.

Yeah, they are counterparts. I’m really not into pregnancy storylines, which the announcement implied with the baby bottle emoji and back when Lovelink was part of What’s Your Story?, Rose was (if I recall correctly) pregnant in her profile picture. But certainly a nice change of pace from the guys.

oh,not that much into it ether but they both seam nice so really even just to talk to them is better then being stuck with a bunch of guy’s that don’t even want to talk to