No more 'New Arena' sales package?

I just wanted to confirm whether or not I’m the only one NOT getting a sales pitch for having reached a new arena level (I finally rose back up to beyond 5k trophies into the new patch Lockwood Library arena).

If they took this out prior to this patch, by all means let me know but it had never been brought to my attention.

Granted, I don’t mind the change of pace if this is intended but if this is NOT intended, I would have certainly been interested in knowing what I SHOULD have been offered. We have had kerfuffles in the past in which we were simply out of luck for what were buggy arena advancements and we would NOT qualify for promotional sales so we don’t have a consistent level of history as to what may be the case here unless people can confirm that they are done with that angle of approaching sales 1v1.

Yea was waiting for the oto to pop up after reaching the new arena, kinda surprised it did not happened.

Thanks for this observation. I just made it to Lockwood library and was wondering why a special incubator wasn’t offered.