No more new missions

I don’t see any more new missions in my game. These are missions which provide us XP points, that help us to move to next levels

I am at level 96 and have no more missions to play.

Is this a bug or end of my game?

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Welcome! It’s the end of the park level missions. There won’t be any more of those missions until Ludia increases the park level cap.

The missions are listed on the Dino Spreadsheet if you want to confirm. Said spreadsheet can be found here:


Now you need to do park extension and decoration xp farming if you want to level up


Already all park is open…it’s very very slow to get level update without park missions.

Seems I will have to quit playing this game now.

There is no fun without clear challenge to go to next levels

Wasn’t expecting such quick abrupt end

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The game has no end until Ludia decides to dismantle it. Reaching the maximum level is only the overture to mid and end game play.


Buying and trading AFs is one suggestion.


What is highest level of game…?

I would call this as bug if missions end before game ends. There is no equivalent of big amount of XP which comes with park missions…


99 is the end level, but buy and sell AFs (Apatosaurus Fossils) as they give the most xp, it will help

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Here are some challenges you can do (optional)
Choose one, rated from easiest to hardest (In my opinion):

  1. Get one of every tourney hybrid
  2. Get one of every creature
  3. Get each creature unlocked (except for amber ones, and aerotitan doesn’t count as it’s not unlockable.)
  4. Get every single badge.
    5: Get one of every creature to level 40
    6: Get a full paddock of every creature (it’s already pretty hard for stuff like hybrids, try doing it with locked creatures!)
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I hit level 97 by the time I had finished all the Story Missions. In order to get to level 99, I started buying and trading the Apatosaurus Fossil decoration. If you have enough coins and a good rate of coin generation, you can keep buying them and then selling them (for half price).

The other thing that added to the XP significantly is expanding the park. If you have enough dino bucks, you can expand the park and each expansion gives a lot of XP.
The game sometimes glitches and while it can be very frustrating (especially if you are doing the Prize Drops and don’t notice the glitch), but one advantage of the glitch is that any in-progress expansion is completed and you don’t need to wait days for your XP.

Another advantage is all the dinos come off cooldown, and food production is instantly completed. Not that annoying, actually kind of helpful.