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No more nitro chompers

Dear ludia please make it so that any creature that is feirce/ a chomper, is unable to have its speed boosted

Uh, no thanks

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Speed boosts should have been done by a percentage instead of flat increases. Then slower choppers could never be boosted to be faster than the fastest non-boosted dinosaurs.

At 1% per boost (which I still think should be a little lower) the fastest a dinosaur with a 105 speed could be boosted to at max boosts is 126. I think with the current flat system that 105 speed dinosaur can be boosted up to 145.

Of course, I also think the percentage of increase to Stamina and Attack boosts should be much lower than 2.5% per boost. Boosts should be for an advantage, not annihilation.


Exactly. Making speed boosts increase by a percentage rather than a flat number would solve so many problems. I honestly think the other boosts are okay as-is; speed is the cause of almost all arena-related complaints.


To be fair, that is more of a problem with CRITs and to some degree how the Resilient movesets work.

Reducing every creature’s CRIT chance to 5% and fixing the Resilient moveset problem (by making it either remove Cloak OR Decel) I feel like would make total annihilation of one’s opponents a much rarer thing.

But I do like the idea of a percentage based increase in speed rather than just a flat number

For the purist, the player who enjoys skill tournaments, the player who enjoys a long drawn out battles requiring lots of thinking, this is a great idea.

For those who prefer to get in and get it done, those who love annihilation it’s not.

If you are going to spend money to get ahead in the game you want to see results, and see those results quickly. So Ludia make fierce creatures like Thor able to dominate quickly, then Mortem, because to please the majority of players they want an immediate fix for their money.

You can’t please all the people all the time I guess.

At the same time people are saying Thor needs a buff because Maxima and Gemini beat nitro Thor.

So who’s actually playing? The annihilators, even though they’re showing up, aren’t really playing because they’re just going through the motions for the quick rewards. The players that are constantly getting annihilated aren’t playing because they quit showing up.

Rock-Scissors-Paper is a well balanced game (albeit boring). Ludia’s way to make the game more fun would be to add Nuke Bombs to the game for anybody that is willing to pay for them. Winners are determined by who is willing to spend the most, not by who is most skilled. Wouldn’t that change the way the world views the Olympics?

Yeah I agree with you, but the revenue gained by Ludia is primarily coming from the sale of boosts.

If I put a couple of boosts on the health of a Dino early on in the game, level 10 to 15 say, I’ll see little or no difference when I use it in the arena.

But if I boost the attack and speed on a Rixis at level 10 I’ll see an immediate result, and later at 15 I’ll have a Thor and I’ll do the same. Somewhere in between the two I’ll have a Monolometrodon and that will get the same boosts to make it a monster. Pretty much everyone does this and it’s because those three dinos are easily obtainable and all 3 become stalwarts in most teams until much later in the game. Why? Because of the immediate effect the player gets, the return on the investment if you like.

If it wasn’t these three you can be sure it would be a clutch of others because it’s what people want.

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:point_up: Wisdom is spoken

That’s the biggest problem with this game. Most players want immediate result, they look what others are doing, and simply do the same thing, hoping they will be faster themselves. It’s the “right now” generation and that’s why there’s a problem with speed boost now. Almost nobody simply counter the Meta dinos (which is so obvious and easy to do). I just unlocked Thor (thanks to last week event), and never made Rixis, yet most of my team dinos are lvl 30. And guess what, there’s nothing I like better, for me, than facing them. Why not, those dinos show up in every teams :slight_smile:

I think the biggest problem with this game is people think this is a game where the creators are actually fans or design this game with with their heart and soul in it. Unfortunately it’s a game to gather as much money as possible. They don’t care about pvp and how fair it is, they care about how they can make you desperate enough to spend 20+ bucks for 2.5 boosts. That being said I like pvp, I enjoy the normal pvp and I absolutely love the skilled based tourneys every other week. Just an app game so I don’t expect much love from them.

Good example right here, this is what they think 70 dollars is worth. That’s just down right disrespectful lol you see unique incubators go for 100 bucks for a a worthless amount of dna. That to me looks like the company thinks I’m dumb and can’t weigh out values



But every other week, if you are good enough eat your heart out. It’s what makes me okey with the unfairness of the standard pvp.

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no, why don’t you just speed boost your things?

Cause it takes a lot of speed boost to catch up and just because your faster doesn’t mean you win that matchup. Plus cunning or speedster creatures are the most difficult to boost as they need all three categories to work properly. Others like resilient or fierce (aka chompers and tanks) already have high hp and or attack so all you need to focus on is speed and it attack or health depending on what creature. There is also raids that need creatures to be boosted, meta changes, or just creature being very hard to both make and boost. Plus matchmaking and just the infinite amount of boost combinations along with rng makes sure your never properly prepared for anything like in the old days of the game. Speed especially can instantly change a match’s outcome

So because you’re behind you think the whole game should change?

No not really boost just make way harder to progress for newer players than ever before.

When I started 6 months ago I only had one boosted dino and did just fine. When I lost to a super boosted team I said to myself, “ohhh well nothing I can do” and kept playing. Now I’m super boosted and still feels the same lol

That’s a good thing in my opinion, completing my team scares me cause I’ll have no goals or motivation to play