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No more nitro chompers

Before it went like this you start with weka creatures then you got out hunt them then you lvl them until you get a hybrid then you level they hybrid up then do the same but in a higher rarity and rinse and repeat till you get an all unique team from there then you just need to get them to lvl 30.

Now you have to that plus do raids plus have to boost which means you have to stick to certain dinosaurs to climb up and since you really can’t refund them you have keep working on just those until you just can progress anymore or you just keep getting smacked down then you got work on better creatures to replace the old ones but you also got to grind only specific ones and you have to boosts them as well until they reach a limit. At the same time you also have to boosts for raids, tournaments, and pve campaign. Repeat and you stick in this endless loop of just being trapped by both boosts the meta and other aspects of the game while being bombarded by rng, alliance pressure, pressure to win and advance

There’s a good app for planning out your boost so you don’t waste them, I finally will unlock morty next week and saved boosts for him. I’m not upset that I’m behind on him cause I wasn’t strong enough when he first came out but it’ll be okey lol I’ll slowly catch up.

Ya but not everyone is like you especially 90% of the player base that isn’t in the top 100-500 or so. New players especially since they go from what the game was before boost were added ( playing until lvl 10) then suddenly meeting a apatosaurus that just outspeeds there raptor

You move on and keep playing. Have some control of your frustrations, do good in tourneys for the bomb rewards. Don’t let a pay to win game frustrate you when you lose to a person who’s paid to win lol

Ya but you can’t really you just have to guess cause unlike before boost no Dino is the same. Now that it has its ups and downs. Sure it brings “variety” but all brings uncertainty. Before (this is from someone who played since beta) you knew what countered what and you could memorize speeds and such. If I bring and erlidom at 129 speed I’ll be faster than everything under that speed and the only thing I would have to worry about it either being out sped or shields and armor. Now there is no way to account for that since every boost their dinos differently meaning no matter which way you slice it your gonna always be at a disadvantage since you do have the knowledge to plan ahead and know what your weka against and what you not

But that’s the thing you really can’t cause you know no matter what even if you do get max lvl 30 creatures and such boosts are the only way to get to the top and even then you are always gonna be a the mercy of the devs cause with a change of a number all your works goes down the drain. Meanwhile the top player and I mean very top don’t have to worry caus eheck they have boosts and dna for days they use it in basically useless stuff like wrhinos, epics and legendaries that they add to there tam and take off as they wish. They don’t care or don’t fear more likely since they can just get any new meta creatures or replace it with one that has lost its metasness with another one snap like that’s mean while lower players suffer and have to start all over. That why most people in forums don’t want nerf but sometimes they are necessary for balance but we don’t need trashing of creatures either but Ludia has failed to find that grey area where they are supposed to operate meaning they do one extreme or the other. Same thing with buffing they either barley make a difference or we get an new tower.


I meet up with the top players during the skill based tourneys and let them know who’s coming

I feel for you guys but I started 6 months ago and I don’t feel that something needs to change

Ya the skull tournaments are sorta fun; although if it’s epic or above it’s just as frustrating thanks to ahem certain creatures. They show how the game was and still is in lower arenas. Very creatures base with everyone know how to counter such creatures so they can accordingly build their teams and use strategy against them to eventually beat the top players. With the occasional rng and mind games changing battle outcomes. Boost basically say, hahah fairness go brrrrr, and just remove that form the game entirely

Like I can never account for something like this no matter how much I boost and level

Cause some Max’s have more than than 10,000 health, others more than 149 speed and other have more than 2k attack their is no way to counter it it compared that to unique skill tournaments there a billion way to counter it and max usually is low after one battle so it’s easily revenge killed

Dominating a mobile game is not important to me as a gamer. but fun and joy certainly, but Ludia makes it worse.

So move on, in Time you will Get there. You think everyone one with boosted Dinos just paid for that. Some busted their butts off and for all you know are finally moving up. Get a boosted tryko, the long necks are jokes now anyways so I feel more sorry for them wasting them boosts

Not saying that but that gap between those with more and less boost it just way too much that progress is basically almost impossible to non existent

Besides, I don’t think that IDGT902 takes these 26 tournaments really seriously. he is certainly not dependent on the few coins, boosts and dollars. Everyone loses sometimes, especially in a game like this.

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Have that barely makes a difference. And the towers are still as strong as ever

Dudes good asf nothing but love on him. He prolly takes them as serious as I do. To me it feels casual.

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You don’t get to the top 100 not caring lol

Why tho let fierce creatures be speed boosted, plus I’m sure there are ways to beat nitro chompers.

Like I said they don’t care about fairness in pvp… they want your money and know ppl will spend money on speed boost for those dinos

I’ve already defeated top players at GTA online, but I can still say that Rockstar and the updates are terrible. just because certain parts of the game work for you … it doesn’t have to be for everyone.

Top players who have everything, only play with real experience if there is something that they haven’t yet. This means that I am only important for the last 3 championships. why is apex easily in first place in seemingly moments and otherwise far from it.