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No More Pack Reward for Daily Missions?

Has anyone else noticed that there no longer is a VIP pack as reward for completing all your daily mission tasks?

I got my Daily Missions Pack. I can’t swear the rewards were the same as always, but I didn’t notice anything wrong with it

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I still show a VIP daily pack as a reward for the daily missions.

VIP Pack is still there, but for the last month or so I always received for 2nd last card DB’s and the last card 500 DNA, that changed since a few days and is way more random.

Maybe it was just a glitch. No major harm done.

@DinoStan yesterday I had the same issue. Got to my 8/8 challenge and the goal changed to 4/4 and the prize disappeared. Completed my last goal and it said good job and went to the countdown to this am. Today seems and worked fine, but I filed a ticket on the error yesterday.

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Thanks, Jim. Glad I wasn’t imagining things. I’ll let it pass. No big deal. Just a glitch.