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No more parks since last update?

Do people still have park spawns? Since the last update, I haven’t seen any park spawn where I live and I used to have at least one every day before.

a park is a place with a dark green area. kinda looks like grass. ive seen some park spawns on the road

I noticed that some places where there were no buildings (new allotments) were considered parks, and after the upgrade, that changed. Unfortunately here in my city there is no green area according to GOOGLE MAPS, so I was very affected.

I see park spawns where I am

Don’t quote me, but in one of the update, I believe they said they were reducing the park radius. Basically, before you could be very far from a park and still get spawns before, but now, you have to be pretty much in the park? Maybe that’s what’s happening to you?

Possible. I am still pretty close to it as it is in my short range circle. I used to see doedicurus and kentrosaurus but that’s no longer the case.


I have lost a lot of medium size parks on the map in the past few months. I’m not sure this has to do with Ludia. It seems to be linked to some updates on Google maps.

At the largest parks I can still find the same green background design and park spawns. Not sure if the spawn points have been reduced. I never found many to start with.

I have also lost parks here, both on Google Maps and in-game (they ARE parks in real life, so I’m not sure what’s happening).

The Stadium area behind my High School used to be considered a park in the game, now it doesn’t. :confused:

Most likely Ludia will blame the outsourcing company (I assume Google Maps).

That’s really annoying. I had to waste sanctuary resources on deinotherium…

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