No more polling of game features?

I remember during last year, ludia would poll player base once in a while about different aspect of game features, like do we like critical chances to be removed, are daily missions too hard/easy etc etc.
I think it’s a useful mechanic to touch base with the players, and to collect meaningful data.
But it seems such polling has stopped for a while, would be good to have it back.


They figured if they are not going to listen anyway, why bother pretending?


Haha yes all current indications do point towards that “we are not bothered” direction.

Tho I do believe feedback sessions can help to extend a game’s shelf life, and it can reach out to players that don’t visit the forum regularly, perhaps due to language or other reasons.
Even if done just once or twice a year.

I was waiting on one back in April when they made the whole weekly challenges and event dinos all messed up but it never came. Luckily they changed it back anyway.

Same goes for that horrible new great idea of firing darts. Gosh that was such a bad idea.

I think they get feedback from the forum but only listen to a small portion. Probably vip and top spenders. They never listen to my suggestions which aren’t bad ideas and some are the same thing numerous others suggest.