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No more purchasing darts with coins

So I noticed you are no longer able to buy darts using coins. Why? Eventually I’ll need more and to buy using cash is not worth using cash. Bring back purchasing darts with coins… smh

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Yea that was announced a while ago

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The whole point of them bringing in the 350 darts for 100 coins was because of the pandemic and global lockdowns along with Giga scents.

As things have eased up around parts of the world (obviously not all areas) I guess they’ve decided to remove that bit, but keep Giga scents.

I still got ~396,000 saved up.

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Lucky you. I have approx 20,000 remaining. Im going to run out eventually. :frowning:

I have a thread on this already, most agree that it should come back.

It is a useful feature, and for use who don’t have 50,000+ darts saved back, giga scents ebcome very selective on what you want to dart.

I certainly don’t miss running out of darts.
Those bundles were epic!